014: Tucker Max on the Story of Book In A Box, Marketing to a Niche & Firing Himself as CEO

014: Tucker Max on the Story of Book In A Box, Marketing to a Niche & Firing Himself as CEO

This week on The Elite Advisor Blueprint, Tucker Max (@TuckerMax) is here to share some serious entrepreneurial wisdom (much of it geared toward you financial advisors out there). But Tucker’s knowledge, stemming from his work both as an independent writer and at  Scribe Writing (formerly Book In A Box), is applicable to anybody planning to write a book or start a business in our ever-changing world. 

Tucker Max is a super-successful writer and one of only three people to have three nonfiction books on the New York Times Bestseller List simultaneously. One of his greatest challenges, however, was co-founding and running his game-changing company Scribe Writing. Scribe Writing helps busy entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and professionals get a book out of their head and into the world where it can have a real impact. Tucker will be the first to tell you that starting a company (and then deciding to fire himself from being its CEO) has changed his perspective on business for the better.

Tucker and I discuss more than just business, so here are some highlights:
  • How Tucker used intentionality to meet his wife
  • Why writing a book is such an effective way to establish yourself as an authority in your field 
  • The kind of success authors typically experience after using Scribe Writing
  • The steep investing learning curve Tucker weathered before he hired a financial advisor
  • How Scribe Writing grew out of an embarrassing encounter with a fellow entrepreneur
  • How Tucker and his co-founder handle delegating tasks and giving up the reins in their business
  • A bunch of Tucker’s recent reads and most recommended books
  • Tucker’s thoughts on the corporate structure so common in business and how it will change in the near future

Tucker’s straight-up storytelling and advice cuts through all the noise out there about what it means to be successful, to market, or to write. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn some critical lessons from somebody who constantly challenges himself to be better at it all. 

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  • How Tucker deliberately changed his social circles, activities, and self to meet a woman he’d like to marry. [0:20]
  • How Scribe Writing helped a financial advisor exponentially increase his business in a very specific niche. [5:45]
  • Whether or not you should directly pitch to your reader when you write a book. [11:24]
  • The money and time you can save when debating hiring a writer or using Scribe Writing. [15:00]
  • How Tucker chose his financial advisor, and the role his friends played in convincing him he needed one. [16:00]
  • The encounter with a fellow successful entrepreneur that left Tucker embarrassed, yet yielded the idea of Scribe Writing. [20:45]
  • Traditional publishing versus self-publishing, and how to choose which avenue is best for you. [26:25]
  • The route Tucker took to publish his own books, which became NYT Nonfiction Bestsellers. [28:30]
  • Advice about how to market a new book. [29:55]
  • A simple explanation of Step Two in marketing your book: content marketing. [35:15]
  • Why having a niche isn’t just recommended in business today, but absolutely critical. [36:44]
  • Why and how Tucker and Zach fired themselves as CEO and COO of Scribe Writing. [41:56]
  • How Tucker overcame his ego to make the right choice about his leadership for his business and employees. [45:45]
  • Tucker’s morning routine and how he structures his day. [47:55]
  • Thoughts on meditation, mindfulness apps, and learning how to meditate. [50:00]
  • How Tucker still finds time to read and why you should quit bad books. [54:00]
  • What “being successful” looks like to Tucker now. [55:00]
  • Whether Tucker has had mentors during his journey. [55:50]
  • Tucker’s all-time favorite novel. [57:15]
  • The best business advice Tucker’s ever received. [58:18]
  • How the current corporate structure of businesses is going to change. [1:00:00]
  • The one piece of advice Tucker credits for his continuing growth and success. [1:01:20]


  • Connect with Tucker:

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