037: Brad Johnson on How Financial Advisors Can Build Referral Networks with Lawyers by Modeling Family Office Approach

037: Brad Johnson on How Financial Advisors Can Build Referral Networks with Lawyers by Modeling Family Office Approach

Today’s episode is a first as this is actually a guest appearance I had on The Lawyerist Podcast that’s run by Sam Glover and Aaron Street. I had a chance to get to know Aaron out at Jayson Gaynard’s Mastermind Talks event and they are really running a similar format to what we do here, only specifically designed to help lawyers grow their practices. They serve a massive audience of lawyers across the country, so what’s fun is you get some tremendous insight from Sam during this conversation on a lawyer’s perspective when it comes to referral relationships and why this often breaks down when dealing with financial advisors.

Also, over the last decade of conversations with financial advisors, I know this is often one of the biggest frustrations in our industry and I wanted to share this conversation with you to help you crack the code on attorney referrals.


Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:


  • The only 2 things driving revenue for your financial advisory firm and why everything else you do is costing you money. [04:38]
  • How to create referrals between financial advisors and lawyers—Don’t miss how you can integrate an attorney directly into your planning process to drive massive referrals.  [09:06]
  • Learn how “The First 100 Days” methodology can help you dramatically improve the client experience, increase client retention and maximize your bottom line! [18:25]
  • The one service a financial advisor can add to their practice to make their firm ultra attractive to any estate planning attorney in their market to cement that relationship. [26:55]


  • [04:38] Brad explains the only 2 things driving revenue for your financial advisory firm—learn why everything else is just costing you money!  
  • [09:06] Cracking the code on referrals between financial advisors and lawyers.
  • [18:25] Learn how you can design an incredible client experience that your clients will rave about for years to come.
  • [23:53] Tap into the power of gifting and learn how to say thank you in a meaningful way.
  • [26:55] Brad shares his advice for developing a seamless relationship between financial advisors, lawyers, and their clients.


  •  Connect with Brad




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