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About The Podcast

The Elite Advisor Blueprint®

The Elite Advisor Blueprint is a podcast dedicated to sharing the “blueprint for success” in the independent financial advising world.

Based on Brad’s decade of experience consulting the top advisors in the US, that could mean doubling your revenue, doubling your vacation, or BOTH!

Brad distills the best advice from top thought leaders and applies it to the world of independent financial advising.

Daniel Crosby Behavioral Investor

065: Daniel Crosby on Why Financial Advisors Need to Understand Human Behavior to Better Serve Their Clients

 On today’s podcast, Dr. Daniel Crosby is back for round 2! Daniel’s first appearance is still one of our...
Jason Khalipa Podcast

064: Jason Khalipa on What Financial Advisors Can Learn from The Fittest Man on Earth

On today’s podcast, I’m talking to Jason Khalipa - Jason was crowned the Fittest Man on Earth in 2008 and...
Chris McChesney

063: Chris McChesney on How Financial Advisors Can Motivate a Team to Crush Goals with The Four Disciplines of Execution

 On today’s podcast, I’m talking to Chris McChesney. Chris is the Global Practice Leader of Execution for Franklin Covey,...
Bo Eason

062: Bo Eason on Telling Your Story and No Plan B For Being the Best

In today’s conversation, I finally get the chance to sit down for a long overdue conversation with Bo Eason. Bo...
Carl Richards

061: Carl Richards on How to Simplify Your Appointment Process and Build Trust by Asking Better Questions

 In today’s conversation, I grab some time with Carl Richards. For those of you unfamiliar with Carl, he is...

060: Bryan Miles on How Financial Advisors Can Use Virtual Assistants to Save Time & Money

 In today’s conversation, I sit down with Bryan Miles. Bryan is the co-founder, along with his wife, Shannon, of...
Generation.Mom Podcast

059: FATHER’S DAY BONUS – Helping Financial Advisors Navigate Parenthood – Generation.Mom

This week, we’re doing something a little bit different. In celebration of Father’s Day, I appeared on the Mom Podcast,...
david bach latte factor

058: David Bach on The Latte Factor, Building a Sellable Practice, and Why Growth Shouldn’t Mean Less Freedom

In today’s conversation, David Bach is back for round 2!! David is one of America’s most trusted financial experts and...
Pat Quinn Speaker Training

057: Pat Quinn on Driving More Seminar Appointments by Simplifying Your Presentation and Better Connecting with Your Audience

   In today’s conversation, I speak with Pat Quinn. Pat is a presentation coach and the head speaking trainer...
the adviser gap podcast

056: BONUS – How to Hire and Train Financial Advisors for Your Practice – The Adviser Gap

   Today I’m throwing in a bonus episode as this is a guest appearance I had on The Adviser...
hal elrod the miracle equation

055: Hal Elrod on The Miracle Equation and How Financial Advisors Can Use His Podcasting Strategy to Maximize Book Launches

 In today’s conversation, Hal Elrod is back for round 2 on the podcast! If you're unfamiliar with Hal and...
phillip stutts

054: Phillip Stutts on How Financial Advisors Can Tap in to the Power of Facebook Marketing & Leverage Political Marketing to Win on a Shoestring Budget

 In today’s conversation, I’m humbled and blessed to be speaking with Phillip Stutts. Phillip is the founder and CEO...
john israel podcast

053: John Israel on The Mr. Thank You Project & How Intentional Gratitude Can Impact Your Life & Business

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to our latest episode - please excuse me for the stuffiness as I’m just getting over...
James Clear

052: James Clear on How Financial Advisors Can Simplify the Complex with Mental Models and His New Book Atomic Habits

In today’s conversation, I get to sit down with James Clear. James's career arc has had a few twists and...
Gina Rainey

051: Gina Rainey on How Financial Advisors can Hire and Train Employees to 10X Growth

 For those of you wondering why the big gap between shows, I recently returned from a two week trip...
Hilary Hendershott

050: Hilary Hendershott on Her Profit Boss Podcast Generating $37M of New Assets & the Power of Marketing to a Niche

 In today’s conversation, I’m thrilled to speak with Hilary Hendershott, founder of Hendershott Wealth Management. She’s also the host...

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