003: Scott McKain on Creating the Ultimate Client Experience and What Made Zig Ziglar Unforgettable

003: Scott McKain on Creating the Ultimate Client Experience and What Made Zig Ziglar Unforgettable

Scott McKain (@scottmckain) is an internationally know authority on helping organizations create distinction in every phase of business, while also teaching them how to deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience®. Scott has written multiple best selling books a few of which include All Business is Show BusinessCreate Distinction, and 7 Tenets of Taxi Terry. He’s also one of only 150 living members of the National Speakers Hall of Fame and was recently inducted as the 22nd member of the Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame, fellow members of which include Seth GodinZig Ziglar, and Dale Carnegie.

Scott and I cover a TON in this wide-ranging 60-minute conversation. This conversation was originally a LIVE call with my clients, please forgive some of the audio issues on my end during the call!

Here’s just a tiny sample of what we cover:

  • As a HOF (Hall of Fame) Public Speaker, what are the rituals and routines Scott follows prior to taking stage for a speech that advisors could replicate for their public events?
    • 3 ways to cure stage fright
    • How to recover from telling a joke no one laughs at
    • 2 techniques for creating crowd engagement
    • 2 tips on body language while on stage
  • Scott shares what a random cab ride from the Jacksonville airport taught him about creating the Ultimate Client Experience® and how it later lead to a book deal from the largest publisher in the world.
  • The surprising insight Scott and his team found when they surveyed multiple industries on what their client’s expectations ACTUALLY were and how just bench marking against your own industry could be the WORST thing your company could do!
  • Scott shares an incredible story about how a dinner with Zig Ziglar let him to becoming an author and even more personally what Zig did when Scott’s first wife passed away that left a lasting impression on Scott to this day. WARNING: It may make you cry, I almost did. It was that powerful. Great lesson to be learned here.
  • …and much more!

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Connect with Scott on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn. He’s a wealth of knowledge and was extremely generous with his time.

Scroll below for links and show notes… Enjoy!


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  • *Note: time stamps correlate for audio version of podcast, not YouTube
  • Brad introduces Scott, discusses him being a member of sales and marketing hall of fame [4:20]
  • As a professional speaker, do you have any rituals or routines that you do before you go on stage? Scott gives numerous tips on do’s and don’ts for speaking. [6:45]
  • Scott testifies to his experience of easier audiences to speak to versus more difficult audiences. [12:30]
  • Scott discusses the single most important question any advisor could be asking. [17:35]
  • Do you have go to’s that you use when you have a dead audience and are struggling to get them involved? [18:30]
  • Scott discusses changing the audience’s thinking: instead of feeling manipulated, they feel you’re responding directly to their thinking. [24:10]
  • Begin discussing the ultimate client experience; Scott testifies to his experience with Taxi Terry, “Are you ready for the best cab ride of your life?” [27:55]
  • Continuing the discussion on the Ultimate Client Experience – how do you treat your clients? What are you providing? It is not just the advisor advising, it is the entire experience and expanding that experience. [35:25]
  • Scott lists off questions that financial advisors should be asking as they seek to expand the experience for their clients. [43:45]
  • Scott talks about the connection between emotion and reciprocity by client. [44:25]
  • Scott discusses the seventh tenant of Taxi Terry: Make It A Joy. Scott explains what Terry has taught him about making things a joy, how that impacts his clients but also his own life, personally and professionally. [44:55]
  • Scott talks about being the benefits of knowing the client’s family [46:32]
  • The importance of really getting to know your client, and how that leads to the Ultimate Experience. [47:45]
  • Scott discusses the problem of only benchmarking against others in one’s own industry. Clients are not comparing just to immediate competitors, but also the experience they have received in other industries. [49:55]
  • Scott talks about the slowest pace of change, and the importance of improvement. [52:55]
  • Scott thinks that the information age is dead, and explains why and what advisors can offer more valuable than ever – wisdom and insight. [53:55]
  • What’s your favorite book you’ve ever read, and how did it impact your life? [58:15]
  • When you hear the term “successful” who pops in your mind and why? [1:00:25]
  • What’s the one piece of advice that you could share that helped lead to your success? [1:04:10]



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