042: Dr. Saadiq El-Amin on How Financial Advisors Can Attract Pro Athletes, Doctors, and Rock Stars as Clients

042: Dr. Saadiq El-Amin on How Financial Advisors Can Attract Pro Athletes, Doctors, and Rock Stars as Clients

Well this one’s a first! Today, I’m speaking with Dr. Saadiq El-Amin, he’s an MD, PhD, and a board certified orthopedic surgeon, who in his spare time also happened to start up a lab for Advanced Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering. You might be wondering how I plan to make a conversation with a surgeon applicable to you, the financial advisor, but within just a few minutes of meeting the doc, it became very clear my challenge was going to be fitting everything he had to offer you all into such a short conversation.

Over the course of an extraordinary career, Dr. El-Amin has provided care for many pro athletes and other high net worth individuals. Athletes like Shaquille O’Neal have sought him out as well as The President of Liberia among other notables. He also served as the Assistant Team Doctor for the New York Knicks, and founded the Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Advanced Biomaterials at Southern Illinois University, where he was also the Director of Shoulder and Sports Medicine.

Dr. El-Amin has performed extensive mission and charity work for people in need nationally and internationally. He’s also mentored aspiring doctors and built meaningful, lasting relationships with people all over the world. This is a guy who truly understands the value of ‘sending the elevator back down’ as we discuss in our conversation.

Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:
  • [08:20] Dr. El-Amin teaches you what it takes to land high net worth clients, like Shaquille O’neal and the President of Liberia—and why you should treat every client like your mother.
  • [13:27] Why you should never bend your own rules, no matter who walks into your office or how much money they have in their bank account.
  • [20:28] Dr. El-Amin shares the story of why he passed on an offer to work with Paul McCartney—and what it can teach financial advisors about knowing your worth.
  • [30:43] How Dr. El-Amin chose his financial advisor—and why coaching your clients on the art of business can help you land super successful doctors, and other entrepreneurs just like him.
  • [49:23] The power of mentorship and investing in your people—his process for juggling the chaos and getting things done.
  • [54:98] How after thousands of surgeries, Dr. El-Amin stays present with each and every client—advice that will definitely resonate with financial advisors who have a jam packed calendar of client meetings!



  • [05:45] What it’s like to be Shaquille O’Neal’s doctor – and why so many pro athletes need continuous medical care.
  • [09:16] Why relationships with your biggest clients have to build slowly and over time.
  • [11:13] Why treating all your clients the same, regardless of their net worth, keeps you true to yourself.
  • [13:56] The reason you shouldn’t change your rules based on who walks into your office – and why this is so key to keeping your most valuable clients.
  • [21:00] Why Dr. El-Amin said no to working with Paul McCartney.
  • [29:45] Why giving unconditionally positions you for success.
  • [30:56] How Dr. El-Amin found his financial advisor – and why so many doctors know absolutely nothing about business or money, despite what you might think.
  • [38:11] Why endorsements and referrals are everything – especially when working with HNW individuals.
  • [41:35] The unique challenges of attracting doctors as financial clients.
  • [45:80] The surprising reason Dr. El-Amin has so many degrees.
  • [49:00] Dr. El-Amin’s secrets to getting it all done
  • [51:31] What you can do to plant the seeds for effective mentoring.
  • [01:00:21] The reason financial advisors need a “reset button” every bit as much as doctors do.
  • [01:03:02] The most impactful story from Dr. El-Amin’s mission work in Africa.
  • [1:07:12] What Dr. El-Amin would like to see as completely absurd in 25 years.
  • [1:11:24] The one piece of advice Dr. El-Amin believes is so key to his success.




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