025: Ryan Michler on How He Created a 30K Member Facebook Community and Financial Advisors Can Too

025: Ryan Michler on How He Created a 30K Member Facebook Community and Financial Advisors Can Too

In this episode I talk with Ryan Michler, he’s a financial advisor just like you, but also happens to run a Top 50 business podcast with over 250k downloads a month called the Order of Man. From his podcast’s tribe like audience, over 33k members have joined his Order of Man private FB Group which is a thriving online community. Lastly, Ryan’s a veteran who served our country in Iraq. With all of that going on, Ryan has also somehow had time to grow the most amazing beard to ever grace our podcast!


Here are a just a few of the highlights from our conversation:
  • Starting off, a huge lesson on the power of authenticity that Ryan experienced with his clients when he decided to grow out his beard, seems silly, but huge lesson here.
  • Next we talk about the difference between being an “advisor” and being a “coach” and how that can make an impact on your clients staying the course with the plan you’ve laid out
  • From there we get into an incredible discussion on how advisors out there on radio can translate this to a podcast and where this technology is going and why it pays to be an early adopter.
  • Then we dive deep on the framework Ryan used to create a thriving community in his private FB group and how if he was doing it for financial services, what it would look like and how he’d go about doing it.

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  • [04:36] The story behind Ryan’s EPIC beard and some valuable lessons for financial advisors about authenticity and setting yourself apart.
  • [08:33] Ryan shares his incredible journey, from his time serving in Iraq to working in the financial services industry, to starting a podcast and building a successful online business.
  • [13:51] Why every financial advisor needs to learn how to become a great marketer! Ryan shares best practices for surrounding yourself with great people and tapping into their invaluable knowledge.   
  • [19:06] How financial advisors can use technology to their advantage and connect on a much deeper level with clients.
  • [28:35] How to completely resonate with any audience by focusing in on a specific niche.
  • [35:57] Learn to have real-world conversations that excites and engages your clients!
  • [38:25] The collaborative client approach that helps your clients fully understand financial decisions and defend them to others!
  • [42:22] Discover the incredible benefits to podcasting and why most financial advisors are missing out on a massive opportunity!
  • [50:35] The power of community and Ryan’s methodology for turning a passive audience into a die-hard following that keeps coming back.
  • [57:15] The step-by-step process Ryan follows to to siphon his audience from consuming his content, to subscribing as a member, to buying his products and services.
  • [01:04:42] Find out what you can do to build an insanely interactive Facebook community. Don’t miss Ryan’s advice for how to handle haters, what to do if your high paying clients disrespect the ground rules, and why every financial advisor should incorporate a private Facebook group into their offering.
  • [01:20:55] Still paying for prospect lunches trying to land new business? Find out why Ryan believes you’re doing it all wrong!
  • [01:25:34] Why Ryan thinks of himself when he hears the word “successful.” Trust me, his answer won’t disappoint.
  • [01:26:46] The importance of rendering yourself obsolete from your children and teaching them how to be leaders in all aspects of life.
  • [01:28:17] What is Ryan’s favorite book and why?
  • [01:31:15] Ryan shares the one piece of advice that has led to his success.


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This week we’re going to feature 2 recent reviews, the first one comes from Brooke Craven who says:

Brooke Craven - Elite Advisor Blueprint - Review

I appreciate the kind words Brooke, thanks for listening! One of the things I hear constantly in many of the reviews and feedback from our Blueprint listeners is you love the guests I have on, so I’ll keep doing my best to deliver there, stay tuned for upcoming shows with one of the top RIAs in the country who manages over a Billion dollars of assets and also one of the foremost wine experts in the world where we’ll dig into how to host a proper wine party and talk intelligently about wine when ordering for guests, excited for these shows!

Our next review comes from Andy Storch, he says,

Andy Storch - Elite Advisor Blueprint - Review

It’s always fun to see who these reviews come from as Andy is actually a friend I met out at Jon Vroman’s Dad’s Retreat in Austin, so really means a lot that he’s giving the show a listen, you are the man Andy, appreciate you. What’s fun about this one is Andy isn’t a financial advisor, he’s a consultant and coach, so cool to see him getting value out of the show as well. He also has his own podcast so go check out The Entrepreneur Hot Seat podcast as I’m sure much of what he covers will apply to our audience as well!


So that’s it for this week’s show and for those out there who haven’t given a review yet, I’d love if you’d take a quick second to do so at bradleyjohnson.com/itunes and if you have future guests we need to have on the show, make sure to include them in your comments as we read all of them! Thanks for listening this week and we’ll catch you on the next show!



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This is provided for informational purposes only. Producers are ultimately responsible for the use or implementation of these concepts and should be aware of any and all applicable compliance requirements. Results from the use of these concepts are no guarantee of your future success.
Prior to implementing any of the concepts or strategies discussed in this interview, please keep in mind the following: 

There are State, Federal and Insurance Carrier guidelines and prohibitions that apply to doing “business through the mail” or in any situation where the financial professional and client do not meet face to face to conduct business. Please ensure you understand all applicable rules and requirements prior to conducting business through the mail. 

It is unlawful to charge a fee for services that are considered part of the commissioned sales process for insurance products; therefore a financial planning or investment advisory fee may only be charged for those services that include the development of a plan that includes securities and/or coordination with other financial professionals. Insurance-only producers may not charge for any of their services. 

Rule 206(4)-1(a)(1) of the Investment Advisers Act prohibits the use of client “testimonials” in an advisers advertising. Before you engage in any social media activities be aware of the regulatory guidelines and policies that pertain to you and your firm. All producers and investment advisers should be aware of and always follow current policies on the use of any advertising, third-party materials and/or social media as required by any broker-dealer or Registered Investment Adviser with which they may be affiliated, the insurance carriers they represent, federal regulations and state insurance regulations. Investment advisers are strongly encouraged to obtain pre-approval from the broker-dealer and/or registered investment adviser with which they may be affiliated. For more information surrounding social media use, investment advisors are strongly encouraged to read the SEC’s National Examination Risk Alert dated January 4, 2012 concerning Investment Adviser Use of Social Media and IM Guidance Update from March 2014 regarding Social Media and the Testimonial Rule.


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