002: Ron Carson on “The Sustainable Edge” & Turning His Dorm Room Startup Into $6B Firm

002: Ron Carson on “The Sustainable Edge” & Turning His Dorm Room Startup Into $6B Firm

Ron Carson (@rchusker ) is the founder and CEO of Carson Wealth, Carson Institutional, and Peak Advisor Alliance. Carson Wealth is a Top 10 Barron’s Independent Wealth Advisor firm overseeing $6 Billion of assets and one of the largest firms in the country. Ron was also honored as an inaugural inductee into the Barron’s Hall of Fame. Ron is the author of Tested in the Trenches and Avalanche – his next book, The Sustainable Edge: 15 Minutes a Week to a Richer Entrepreneurial Life will be released on January 19, 2016.
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Ron and I cover a TON in this wide-ranging 60-minute conversation. This conversation was originally a LIVE Q&A call with my clients and some of Ron‘s PEAK advisors, so you’ll hear a question or two of theirs along the way.

Here’s just a tiny sample of what else we cover:

  • Steps that Ron took to turn a University of Nebraska dorm room startup in 1983 into a firm that oversees $6B of assets today
  • Ron‘s goal-setting philosophy and what his success percentage is each year
  • Ron‘s random encounter with an Omaha construction worker during a low point when he was contemplating giving up and how it entirely changed the trajectory of his career
  • The random 80s movie starring Richard Pryor that taught Ron a principle he still uses in business today
  • What hiring tools and softwares Carson Wealth uses to create a culture that gives a “Four Seasons experience, delivered with Fed Ex efficiency”
  • The tip a billionaire client shared with Ron that changed how he led his team
  • What “creative destruction” is and how knowing about it and planning to evolve can keep financial advisors from becoming the “travel agents” of the past
  • Where Ron sees the future of financial advising going and how robo-advisors play into it
  • …and much more!

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Connect with Ron on Twitter or Facebook. He’s a wealth of knowledge and was extremely generous with his time.

Scroll below for links and show notes… Enjoy!


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  • Personal insight from Ron on tracking goal-setting, and the importance of specific goals with both short- and long-term plans to achieve those goals [4:35]
  • Giving average versus going above average, getting what you want with giving 10% more, with insight drawing from Ron’s experience in the Army [7:57] 
  • Ron talks about who he works with [10:45]
  • What did the business look like in 1983 out of your dorm room, and what were the transitional steps that led to the business you have today? [11:50]
  • When did you take things full-scale? Ron discusses his personal life and formation that impacted his work ethic, and how that birthed his love of marketing with a personal touch [15:50]
  • Being in the profession for the right reason – and then reap the benefits [21:00]
  • Brad discusses a Brewster’s Millions movie quote, and Ron gives his insight [22:05]
  • Where was the transition from “Ron with a staff” to where you brought on an associate advisor or second advisor in the office? What frustrations did you have, and what worked well? Ron discusses how he grew over and high yield lessons [23:10]
  • The importance of who you surround yourself with and being careful choosing who you let on your team, relating to Steve Jobs before he returned to Apple [27:00]
  • Any big mistakes looking back? If you could go back and say, “Don’t do that!” to yourself, what would you say? [28:40]
  • Are there any tips for allowing people to make mistakes? [31:47]
  • My mistake of working all the time; my growth rate accelerated when balance came in [34:20]
  • Hire loyal hard workers or hire superstars? Ron discusses top-grading and his insight on hiring [35:45]
  • Discussion on The Sustainable Edge and IQ Grower; Ron discusses steps he takes for his goals [40:30]
  • What is my attitude for gratitude? [42:35]
  • One or two key items/concepts out of The Sustainable Edge that you’d like to discuss? [46:10]
  • Creative Destructive Process, Blockbuster Video, and Netflix [48:55]
  • Ron asks, “Are you going to become a ‘Travel Agent of the Past?'” [49:33]
  • What are your thoughts on robo-advisor? [50:20]
  • If there’s one thing your firm is doing today to avoid being the Blockbuster of the past in terms of technology, what would it be? [53:23]
  • What Napa Cabernet should I try? [55:30]
  • Could you share one last piece of advice that led to your success? [57:40]



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