044: Roger Whitney on How Financial Advisors Can Clone Their Ideal Clients by Podcasting & Syndicating Your Message Worldwide

044: Roger Whitney on How Financial Advisors Can Clone Their Ideal Clients by Podcasting & Syndicating Your Message Worldwide

In today’s conversation, I’m speaking with The Retirement Answer Man himself, Roger Whitney. Special thanks to my longtime client and friend Jason Parker for playing matchmaker and making the intro happen! So besides being a CFP and having just about every other designation a financial advisor can have after his name, Roger is one of the few financial advisors in the US who has cracked the podcasting code and is actually using his weekly show to drive substantial assets to his firm from all over the country. Not only is Roger landing clients nationwide, but he recently even signed a US citizen living in Burma, so I guess he’s officially gone international! This conversation is a must-listen episode if you are looking to expand your marketing to what I find for most advisors is an unknown digital frontier… podcasting.


Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:
  • [05:50] Roger shares how his 27 year journey as a financial advisor eventually led to launching a podcast—including the conference that completely changed his life and why it’s critical to learn from outside of the financial services industry.  
  • [12:01] How a 4 year podcasting experiment lead to gathering $20M+ of new assets in the last 14 months from all over the US—and why most financial advisors are thinking about their marketing all wrong! (hunting/killing Vs. building an orchard)
  • [17:10] Roger explains the key differences between radio and podcasting (talking to Vs. talking with) and his advice if you want to create an intimate experience that builds an unbreakable trust with listeners.   
  • [32:48] The biggest obstacles to going from meeting with people face-to-face, to doing it virtually—including the mindset shift Roger had to make, the tools he uses to make it all possible, and his collaborative approach to planning with his clients.
  • [44:23] Roger pulls back the curtain and shares his podcast audience demographics from a recent listener survey. I think you’ll find the results incredibly surprising especially his audience’s average age and net worth!


  • [06:12] Find out what led Roger into the world of podcasting.
  • [08:32] The conference that Roger attended that completely shifted his way of thinking.
  • [15:04] The difference between a hunting/killing mindset vs. building an orchard.
  • [15:53] Why building trust is key to growing a business.
  • [17:30] How podcasting differs from traditional radio.
  • [20:51] Roger’s secrets for cultivating intimacy with listeners.  
  • [23:14] A unique call to action that made Roger stand out.
  • [27:22] Discover Roger’s step-by-step virtual roadmap to streamlining the client acquisition process and tapping into the power of podcasting.
  • [32:51] Hear about the biggest challenges Roger faces when it comes to virtual meetings and exactly how he overcomes them.
  • [36:08] Why Roger’s podcast is key to building relationships and bringing in more qualified leads than ever before.
  • [41:43] What it looks like when Roger signs a new client.
  • [44:36] Roger’s tested formula for podcasting as a financial advisor.
  • [50:32] The biggest driving factors that Roger uses to increase listenership and grow his online audience.
  • [58:32] Hear about how hosting a podcast has completely changed Roger’s life, not just from a business standpoint, but from a personal level.
  • [1:04:10] Why Roger wants the current idea of retirement to be absurd in the future.




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We work with just about every top insurance company out there on the life and annuity side, so maybe our paths have crossed somewhere over the years, congrats on the jump to the advising side of the world, reach out if there is anything my team or I can do to help. Thanks for tuning in!

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