054: Phillip Stutts on How Financial Advisors Can Tap in to the Power of Facebook Marketing & Leverage Political Marketing to Win on a Shoestring Budget

054: Phillip Stutts on How Financial Advisors Can Tap in to the Power of Facebook Marketing & Leverage Political Marketing to Win on a Shoestring Budget

In today’s conversation, I’m humbled and blessed to be speaking with Phillip Stutts. Phillip is the founder and CEO of Go BIG Media and Win BIG Media, two award-winning, disruptive agencies that use political digital strategies to get major results for clients in and out of politics – including financial advisors. Phillip is also the author of Fire Them Now – an excellent new book that identifies the lies marketing agencies use to try to get (and keep) clients.

We originally connected through Advisors Excel co-founder Cody Foster, as well as the fact that Phillip took inspiration from Advisors Excel as he defined his company culture. His book is full of powerful true stories about how to get advantages, even when your competition has name brand recognition and can outspend you. Our conversation today digs deep into what financial advisors can learn from politics, how to build the best possible version of your company, and the humbling experience that has changed Phillip’s life for the better.


Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:
  • [04:19] We begin by talking about how a lesson from Advisor Excel’s company culture helped Phillip define his own, what makes culture so important, and why failing to focus on it holds so many businesses back.
  • [05:51] Next, we dive into how the digital world has killed ROI on traditional marketing spends – and how this helped Phillip create a new kind of digital marketing agency, Win BIG Media.
  • [11:11] Phillip then shares stories from his time working on multiple presidential campaigns and the secret behind how politicians connect with the public. We dive into how this applies to financial advisors and when they should crank up their celebrity status, but also why they have to be able to turn it down to truly connect with their audience at live events.
  • [17:47] We then get into the unique ways that political strategies apply to financial services when it comes to digital media, marketing, and strategy, as well as the 3 Rs that serve as Phillip’s foundation for successfully marketing anything – especially on a budget.
  • [42:58] From there, Phillip tells me about his personal experience with a rare autoimmune disease that rarely affects younger people, how it transformed his mindset, and why he always has a Plan B.
  • [49:28] This naturally leads us into a conversation about many of the coming transformations that will disrupt long-established industries all over the world – and why today’s financial services industry looks a whole lot like Blockbuster Video right before Netflix.
  • [01:07:53] Finally, Phillip tells the story of an incident that happened running his business that ultimately helped him understand how to be a better boss.




  • [05:59] How falling in love with politics helped lead Phillip to creating political digital marketing agencies.
  • [06:55] What Phillip did to help a friend bring in over 700 leads with a marketing spend of only $5,000.
  • [17:47] The similarities between positioning politicians and financial advisors to win — and How Phillip kickstarts campaigns for clients with no budget.
  • [22:40] The crucial step that marketing agencies often forget before they build and test campaigns.
  • [31:35] The ways Tony Robbins transformed his business by publishing Money: Master the Game, even though it was in essence negative campaigning.
  • [38:02] Phillip shares an example of someone who attempts to go negative, but ends up punching down for the worse.
  • [39:47] How Phillip used a shoestring budget to help an unknown politician run a powerful digital campaign that put him ahead of 5 candidates – all of whom had money and name recognition.
  • [54:44] How Phillip mastered the art of giving meaningful gifts that resonate with their recipients.
  • [01:06:12] Why hiring a director of culture was the best hire Phillip ever made – even though they don’t bring in business.
  • [01:11:56] What Phillip wants perceived as absurd in 25 years.





Thanks for checking out the latest show, on to this week’s featured reviews!

This week’s first review comes to us from user Mysocialis who says:

Thank you for sharing this… there’s one thing that’s become very clear to me over the last decade of conversations with advisors, regardless of where they are from or how much revenue they drive – If all the focus is on the business and the money in the bank account, you’ll never be truly happy or fulfilled. It’s building a great team and great systems that allow your business to truly serve you and in turn your clients at the highest level, that’s what it’s all about! If I can be a small part of helping the industry have better balance, less divorces, more family dinners, I can get behind that. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and the review, more great guests on the way!!

The next review comes to us from user Wanda_B who says:

Thanks for your thoughts Wanda_B and the review. Even better, thanks for visiting our website and sharing your story so we could connect in person, you’re inspiring! I hope the transition from 25 years of serving our country in the military into the next phase of your life as a financial advisor is treating you well! Loved the energy you shared during our conversation, I can tell that’s going to translate incredibly well into our space, thanks for listening in!

Next up is Kyle Greenwell who says:

Thanks for listening in Kyle and for the 5 star review! Have some good news for you as I already have another episode with Daniel currently in the works, so if you loved the last one, stay tuned! Appreciate the kind words and more great thought leaders on the way.

And the last featured review for the week comes to us from KDamronAZ, who says:

Thanks for the review KDamronAZl! This may be one of my favorite reviews for the show EVER… financial services can be so much more than simply a job. It’s one of the few professions that truly allows you to design your business to fit your lifestyle! I love that you’ve incorporated ideas from two of my favorite guests to not only design your morning routine, but also structure your calendar to prioritize time with your kids. Make sure to check out Jim Sheils recently re-released book on the Family Board Meeting with updated stories. He’s also rolled out a new program around 18 Summers which speaks to the # of summers you have before your children leave the house, definitely worth being intentional about making sure you make the most of them. Thanks again for listening in and taking the time to share your big wins from the show!


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