028: Pete Vargas on Winning Local Stages, Creating Signature Talks that Convert & How to Advance Your Reach

028: Pete Vargas on Winning Local Stages, Creating Signature Talks that Convert & How to Advance Your Reach

In this episode, I talk with Pete Vargas, aka “The Stage Whisperer” who since 2003 has been responsible for booking over 20,000 stages at events worldwide. He’s the founder and CEO of Advance Your Reach and besides just being all around one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, he drops some serious knowledge on this episode about how you as a financial advisor can book local stages in your backyard that you probably didn’t even know existed… oh and it doesn’t require a 10,000 piece mailer or a Ruth’s Chris steak dinner either.


Here are a few highlights from our conversation:


  • Pete starts off with his story about how a speaker literally changed the trajectory of his life and how it led him to what he does today.
  • Next we cover Pete’s Story Braid Framework and how following it’s 4 steps will help you connect, educate, and best of all, convert your audience.
  • Then Pete uncovers the thousands of opportunities advisors have nationwide to land local speaking gigs, that from my experience, most of you aren’t taking advantage of and probably don’t even know exist. The best part, they are often free, don’t require direct mail or buying dinner, and you can handpick your ideal prospects, groups that consist of business owners, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, or dentists to name a few.
  • Lastly, Pete does a live role play of the exact conversation he used to land a speaking gig at the White House for one of his clients and how you can use the same framework to book stages in your own backyard.

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  • [04:08] How did Pete go from a youth pastor in Texas to becoming known as The Stage Whisperer who has booked 25,000+ stages across the world for people who want to share their message?
  • [14:42] The 3 things you need to do REALLY well as a financial advisor, in order to effectively use speaking in your business. 
  • [16:56] Pete breaks down The Story Braid Framework and exactly how advisors can create an incredible signature talk that converts. (BTW, less than 2% of speakers actually use this technique.)
  • [31:00] Pete explains the massive speaking opportunities that financial advisors don’t even know exist!
  • [37:56] Learn the step-by-step process to booking and winning the stage.
  • [55:01] Pete shares an extremely effective phone script every financial advisor can use to land local stages. This is the same script Pete used to win the White House in 2007.
  • [59:47] How to determine a win/win solution and communicate it effectively to get event organizers to say “YES!”  
  • [01:09:51] Pete shares the story of how and why he hired his financial advisor.
  • [01:18:14] The first person Pete thinks of when he hears the word “successful.
  • [01:18:53] Pete’s favorite book and how it impacted his life.
  • [01:25:02] Pete shares the 3 contributing factors that led to his success.


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