023: Pete Matthew on Podcasting 101 for Financial Advisors, How his Show Generates Appointments, and 3 Secrets for Engaging Content

023: Pete Matthew on Podcasting 101 for Financial Advisors, How his Show Generates Appointments, and 3 Secrets for Engaging Content

In this episode I talk with Pete Matthew, who is a Chartered Financial Planner, a Certified Financial Planner and Managing Director of Jacksons Wealth Management from across the pond in Penzance, UK. Besides his day job, he also happens to host a top 5 business podcast in the UK with just under 1 Million episodes downloaded and has really cracked the code when it comes to podcasting. For those of you who have considered podcasting or are on the radio, you are going to love this conversation!


Here are a just a few highlights:
  • We get into how Pete has transformed his podcast into a marketing funnel that currently drives over 25% of his business and generates 4-5 new prospects a week – make sure you don’t miss the story of Pete’s first podcasting client as it speaks to the power and reach of the medium.
  • Then we dig in on how technology is breaking down the geographical boundaries for marketing and how Pete believes virtual appointments are 95% as effective as face to face.
  • Next we dig into Pete’s 3 step framework for creating engaging content for his show. The great news is that it works just as well on radio.
  • From there we spend some time on the problem with jargon in the financial services industry, the simple framework you can use to overcome it, and why it’s so important for creating a greater connection with your clients and prospects.
  • Finally, don’t miss the secret Pete uses to engage with his audience to generate reviews for his show. It’s super easy and powerful!

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  • [00:03:10] Discover the power of podcasting and the incredible benefit of being able to connect with influential people from around the world.
  • [00:06:00] Find out how his passion for teaching and lessons from Gary Vaynerchuk’s book “Crush It!” led to an inspiring 7 year digital journey that’s helping people understand money and succeed financially.
  • [13:23] How has podcasting become Pete’s biggest source for client referrals and securing new business?
  • [15:29] The step-by-step framework Pete uses to turn podcast listeners into qualified leads and why his clients love virtual meetings.
  • [17:19] Why you no longer have to chase new business… Learn how “Attraction Marketing” is changing the game. You’ll have prospects banging on the virtual doors begging to work with you!  
  • [21:49] How asset managers and advisors can break free from the traditional “this is my territory” mindset and land high-flying clients who love the convenience of a virtual relationship.  
  • [00:28:33] Find out how technology and virtual transactions have changed the internal processes at Pete’s firm.
  • [00:30:09] How financial advisors can transition from traditional radio to the world of podcasting and the critical factors to creating great content that speaks to your audience.
  • [36:38] The 3 simple keys to financial planning and why great financial advisors should never worry about being boxed out by technology.
  • [00:41:03] Why are so few financial advisors joining the podcast movement? Find out why it’s never been easier, learn to overcome your fear for compliance, and discover Pete’s top tips for podcasting success.
  • [53:33] The importance of eliminating financial jargon and simplifying complex terms for your clients.
  • [59:10] Planning on starting a podcast? Don’t miss Pete’s best practices for generating ratings and reviews and creating social proof with your audience.  
  • [01:05:59] What things does Pete hope are looked at as being absurd 25 years from now.
  • [01:07:19] Find out why Pat Flynn is the first person Pete thinks of when he hears the word successful.
  • [01:08:19] The one book Pete thinks everyone in the financial services industry should read.
  • [01:11:52] A simple, yet effective piece of advice anyone can implement to be successful.


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