047: Pellegrino Castronovo on Fashion Tips for Financial Advisors & How Your Image Impacts Your Business

047: Pellegrino Castronovo on Fashion Tips for Financial Advisors & How Your Image Impacts Your Business

In today’s conversation, I’m thrilled to speak with my friend – and the best-dressed person I know – Pellegrino Castronovo, the owner of Pellegrino Castronovo Fitted Tailoring. I first met Pellegrino at Jayson Gaignard’s Mastermind Talks out in Carmel, California, (so special thanks to Jayson for assembling the incredible group of people he does each year at his event). Then I had the opportunity to experience Pellegrino’s custom fitting first hand when I visited Montreal last summer with my family and I knew there was so much he could share when it came to creating an incredible client experience and how your image can impact your business, either good or bad. Getting fitted suits from Pellegrino quickly taught me something… He pays more attention to the smallest details of the customer experience than anyone else I know. He understands how to build trust, connect with people in an authentic way, and deliver a true luxury experience in every sense of the word, something that obviously relates to your job as a financial advisor.

Pellegrino has fitted professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, many of the top brass in Formula 1 racing, Sugar Ray Leonard himself, and many other notable celebrities. So he definitely knows a thing or two when it comes to catering to high net worth individuals and how your fashion sense can impact your clientele.

Today, we discuss fashion tips for financial advisors. We get into the brilliant, yet simple things that you can do to market yourself and stand out in a “sea of sameness”. As financial advisors, we can learn a lot from Pellegrino’s processes and insights. Also if you’re listening to this podcast, I highly recommend checking out the show notes or visiting our YouTube channel to watch this episode on video so you can see Pellegrino’s custom work and a visual example of how he made even his “business card” experience a unique one.


Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:
  • [07:44] Pellegrino reveals how he can tell a successful financial advisor apart from an unsuccessful one, before they ever open their mouths – and how the way you dress impacts how your clients and prospects perceive you.
  • [28:12] How visiting other tailors helped Pellegrino better understand, improve, and develop his customer experience – and why he believes every advisor should go engage with at least three other financial advisors if they want to play at the highest level possible.
  • [41:13 How clothes gives us confidence – and the story of the time I put on a suit for the biggest recruiting call of my life, even though no one else was going to see me wearing it.
  • [42:48] The 3 clues to look for when hiring a custom tailor in your market that can give away whether or not they are a true master of their craft.
  • [01:04:18] How Pellegrino found his own financial advisor – and the #1 thing he looked for when making his decision. He shares his internal dialogue and the psychology of your prospects when sitting across the desk from you. HINT: If you’re trying to copy what the “other guys” are doing, you’re doing it wrong! Pellegrino reveals the link that’s often missing for most financial advisors – and I promise, it’s something you can implement immediately!
Some pics taken from my visit with Pellegrino in Montreal with my family last summer…

Pellegrino Castronovo Pellegrino Castronovo & Brad Johnson 


  • [08:00] How renting a Lamborghini and dressing better than everyone else in the field helped someone break into a totally saturated market.
  • [09:17] Why people are always looking for telltale signs – and how they create confidence, make people think you’re legitimate, and build trust.
  • [12:21] The reasons customer experience – and how you dress – matters.
  • [13:23] Why dressing well lets people know you’re doing something right.
  • [14:21] The reasons a high level of trust is required in both tailoring and financial advising.
  • [15:11] Why I call Pellegrino the Suit Whisperer – and how Pellegrino uses his gifts to highlight specific qualities in a person as he dresses them.
  • [16:24] Pellegrino’s thought process as he fits someone – and why he’s always looking for the disconnect between what someone’s saying and their body language.
  • [17:21] How Pellegrino first perceived and read me when we met.
  • [20:57] The key wardrobe details financial advisors should steer clear from.
  • [22:60] Why people perceive sloppy dressers as sloppy in the rest of their lives as well.
  • [24:16] Why financial advisors can learn from my experience getting fitted by Pellegrino – and what you absolutely cannot miss when building trust in a new business relationship.
  • [29:00] A simple and absolutely brilliant marketing idea I learned from Pellegrino’s jackets.
  • [34:58] The reasons clothes give us a heightened sense of confidence.
  • [49:05] The surprising story behind Pellegrino’s striking jacket linings.
  • [51:20] The one thing everyone needs to experience on a trip to Italy.
  • [54:54] The first person who comes to mind when Pellegrino thinks of success.
  • [56:01] Why Pellegrino would like driving to be thought of as absurd in 25 years – and why I agree.
  • [58:49] The reasons Pellegrino is fascinated by art that triggers negative emotions inside of him, and how it reaffirms the fact that we rely on stories to connect with others.
  • [01:02:48] Why giving people what he wants has been so key to Pellegrino’s success.
  • [01:04:18] How Pellegrino found his own financial advisor – and why he always looks for stories, even in worlds where coldness is sometimes equated with professionalism.




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