035: Nicholas Kusmich on Facebook Ads for Financial Advisors, Traditional vs Digital Marketing, & His Give First Lead Gen Framework

035: Nicholas Kusmich on Facebook Ads for Financial Advisors, Traditional vs Digital Marketing, & His Give First Lead Gen Framework


In today’s conversation, I’m talking with my friend and special guest Nicholas Kusmich. Nic is best known as the world’s leading Facebook advertising strategist and for delivering the highest ROIs in the industry (at his peak, upwards of 30,000%). He’s also the author of Give: The Ultimate Guide To Using Facebook Advertising to Generate More Leads, More Clients, and Massive ROI and has worked with A-List clients like Tony Robbins & Joe Polish, as well as New York Times best-selling authors, and a number of Inc. 500 companies.

Today, he’s going to break down a simple Facebook advertising strategy that all you financial advisors can use to go after prospects with laser focus. Nic will help you shine the light on the top 4% of prospects that result in 80% of your revenue!


Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:
  • Find out what makes Facebook the most powerful direct response marketing platform on the planet and how financial advisors can utilize it to zero in on their most ideal prospects. 
  • Does Facebook marketing outperform traditional marketing? Nic shares a story where he went head-to-head with one of the greatest ad copywriter’s in the world to illustrate the power of advertising on Facebook.
  • Nic outlines a 4-part lead generation framework that financial advisors can use to identify top tier prospects who will be busting down the doors to attend your next seminar and/or workshop!
  • How to efficiently create content that absolutely crushes it!—Don’t miss the story about the 2 page PDF that got downloaded more than 80,000 times and attributed to over $500K in revenue for Nic.
  • The power of the pixel—Find out how you can retarget an already-interested audience, track their direct return on ad spend, and get Facebook to find lookalike audiences that will continue to drive results for your business!


  • [05:12] The $100M dollar business decision Nic made that led to his success with Facebook marketing.
  • [07:53] Understanding the different roles Facebook can play in both your personal and professional life.
  • [09:38] The paradox of sizewhy a platform serving a mass audience (3 Billion+ people) is still an incredibly powerful tool for zeroing in and targeting your most profitable prospects.
  • [12:51] What if you could cut your acquisition costs in half? Nic shares a fun story that will make you rethink your marketing spend.
  • [16:52] How to identify the 4% of prospects that will make up 80% of your assets under management.
  • [18:09] The 4 forces that determine ANY consumer behavior (fears, frustrations, aspirations and wants)
  • [19:41] How to use the The S.A.G.E. Principle to create content that actually resonates with your audience and sets you on the path to acquiring new business!
  • [27:17] How to easily create one piece of content that absolutely crushes it!—Don’t miss the 2 page PDF that got downloaded more than 80,000 times and attributed to over 500K in revenue for Nic.
  • [33:11] Nic shares the high performing split testing strategy he ues to fully optimize his digital ads.
  • [35:43] Facebook ads 101 for Financial Advisors—it’s easier than you may think!
  • [38:17] Discover the targeting trifecta that will allow you to pinpoint the Facebook “watering holes” that your ideal clients are hanging out at.  
  • [51:33] The one thing Nic hopes is completely absurd 25 years from now.
  • [53:15] The most successful person to Nic and why.
  • [54:46] Some of his favorite books and why Nic decided to take an information fast that led to his most productive year of his life.
  • [57:47] The 3 most important pieces of advice that led to his success.


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