070: Mike Koenigs on Connecting & Becoming Unforgettable to the Rich & Famous, Building a Media Empire, & Investing in Yourself

070: Mike Koenigs on Connecting & Becoming Unforgettable to the Rich & Famous, Building a Media Empire, & Investing in Yourself

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Welcome to The Elite Advisor Blueprint – The Podcast for World-Class Financial Advisors. I’m Brad Johnson, VP of Advisor Development at Advisors Excel, and it’s my goal to distill the best ideas and advice from top thought leaders and apply it to the world of independent financial advising.

In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Mike Koenigs. Mike is a serial entrepreneur, investor, 13-Time #1 Bestselling Author, podcast host, TV personality, advisor to Tony Robbins & celebrity clients, cancer survivor, and a true master of helping business owners and entrepreneurs build empires. 

For those of you who want to show up different and make meaningful connections with the super elite, this conversation is going to bring a ton of value! 

Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:

  • #1: The power of building your own platform and how to leverage it to increase your circle of influence and land high net-worth clients. [26:07]
  • #2: The psychology behind how an A+ client chooses their financial advisor. You’ll hear how Mike filtered out lousy prospects and decided on the best advisor to handle his own business – including the 2 most important requirements he has as a client. [01:19:14]
  • #3: Mike’s proven framework for successfully pitching and getting featured on virtually any media outlet you can imagine. [01:08:54]


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  • [08:59] How Mike instantly makes impressions on high net worth individuals without coming across like he needs something from them – and how this strategy took him from a chance meeting on a flight with Richard Dreyfuss to helping him grow his nonprofit. 
  • [12:51] How to use a book as your business card, quickly schedule meetings, and make meaningful connections in record time.
  • [19:33] What Mike did to land his first byline in Entrepreneur – and how this ultimately led him to appear on their Elevator Pitch TV series.
  • [32:20] Why Mike has invested over half a million dollars in coaches, advisors, and high-end masterminds – and how to get instant access to celebrities and high net worth individuals.
  • [40:37] Steps financial advisors can take to easily start a podcast and avoid production headaches.
  • [48:49] How Mike helped a financial advisor find his “unique ability” to create a powerful presentation unlike anyone else’s. 
  • [1:13:56] How you can make yourself more interesting as a financial advisor to media outlets.
  • [1:19:03] Mike’s proven strategy for pitching virtually any media outlet.
  • [1:25:26] How Mike screened out lousy prospects and found his personal financial advisor.
  • [1:32:32] What Mike did to create and fill an exclusive event for high net worth individuals attending Warren Buffett’s annual event in less than 24 hours. 
  • [1:36:31] Why Mike tries to avoid social media at almost all costs.
  • [1:38:09] The one piece of advice that has led to Mike’s success to date. 


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This week’s review comes to us from user Dale SM. Actually one of our clients out in Kentucky, so fun to read this…

Mike Koenigs iTunes Review

Dale’s one of my favorite clients. The cool thing is that this review actually came in a year ago, so February of 2019. And like many of you out there, if you’re listening to a podcast, you’re wired where you’re all about self improvement and getting better. Not just listening to sports talk radio tuned from the office. And that’s exactly who Dale was when he called in. Young advisor, small team, that really wanted to do big things and grow his firm from a solo practice into an actual business. Seeing the evolution Dale’s businesses made over the last year makes me super proud of him, because he’s put in the work, and now has a proprietary process and brand. And it’s because of the work he put in; we were just a catalyst to help him get there. So, love to read this. Really appreciate the review Dale and we’ll keep the shows coming!


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