040: Michael Port on Mastering Public Speaking as a Financial Advisor, the Red Velvet Rope Policy & How to Steal the Show

040: Michael Port on Mastering Public Speaking as a Financial Advisor, the Red Velvet Rope Policy & How to Steal the Show

When I asked Darren Hardy, former publisher of Success Magazine and someone who’s literally interviewed just about every successful entrepreneur and thought leader out there, what’s the best resource for becoming a better speaker and presenter… the first words out of his mouth were, read Michael Port’s book “Steal the Show” — which is why I’m both excited and humbled to have Michael on as a guest today.

Michael is a professional speaker, a coach, and a 6-time bestselling author, including Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Booked Solid, and his latest, Steal The Show. His training and work as an actor on shows like Sex and the City and Law and Order helped him develop a unique perspective when it comes to public speaking, which we’ll get into today.

During our conversation, Michael breaks down the exact strategies he teaches his students to help them master the art of speaking, so they can professionally promote and present their message—which I know for financial advisors, is a big part of how to land new clients and build your business!

Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:
  • [04:44] The skills Michael learned as a classically trained actor that influenced him as a public speaker, businessman, and coach—and how you can apply these skills as a financial advisor.
  • [11:07] Michael lays out his creative book launch strategy that took his book to #2 overall on all of Amazon and how you can replicate it.
  • [19:20] How to apply The Red Velvet Rope policy to your business so you’re only letting in your ideal clients—ones that energize you, inspire you, and allow you to do your absolute best work!
  • [23:32] How financial advisors mess up their response to that “so, what do you do?” cocktail party question… Michael shares the 4 elements needed to craft a better response and then gets into what led him to selecting his current financial advisor.
  • [37:30] Michael shares the biggest speech he ever bombed that left him feeling completely broken—and what it can teach you about being fully prepared!
  • [45:23] Why so many presentations don’t lead to appointments—and how you can go from sounding like a spreadsheet to sounding like true financial professional.


  • [06:58] Why Michael wasn’t happy as an actor—and his first steps into the world of business.
  • [11:07] How Book Yourself Solid came to be—and how Michael built the momentum to become a #2 bestseller on Amazon seemingly out of nowhere.
  • [19:20] How to set yourself up to only work with great clients—and how you and your business will benefit from doing so.
  • [23:32] Why financial advisors need to be able to talk about themselves in a compelling way.
  • [29:33] How to build trust, why it took Michael 18 months to sign on with his financial advisor, and why it proved to be worth it for both of them.
  • [37:30] The most nervous Michael was before a presentation, what happened, and how he turned failure into triumph, personal growth, and major success.
  • [46:57] Why you don’t need a slide deck or PowerPoint presentation at all to make an impact.
  • [51:21] The 5 foundational elements that EVERY presentation needs!  
  • [01:03:23] The mentors who changed how Michael thought about money and life – and what you can learn from them.
  • [01:07:08] Who Michael thinks of when he hears the word “success.”
  • [01:08:55] Find out what Michael would love to see as absurd 25 years from now.
  • [01:09:48] Why making commitments, filling them, and acting with urgency is so important.


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