072: Michael Hyatt on What It Means to Be a Vision Driven Leader

072: Michael Hyatt on What It Means to Be a Vision Driven Leader

Welcome to The Elite Advisor Blueprint – The Podcast for World-Class Financial Advisors. I’m Brad Johnson, VP of Advisor Development at Advisors Excel, and it’s my goal to distill the best ideas and advice from top thought leaders and apply it to the world of independent financial advising.

In today’s conversation, I’m speaking with Michael Hyatt. Michael is a New York Times bestselling author, podcaster, blogger, and speaker. His newest book, The Vision Driven Leader, explores how to effectively lead organizations, inspire people to action, and make your big dreams a reality. 

For those of you looking to attract incredible talent, retain them, and keep them happy for years to come as you build a great company, this conversation is a must-listen!


Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:
  • #1: Why writing and publishing books should be an integral part of your sales funnel and how it can lead to incredible opportunities. [05:32]
  • #2: The fatal error Michael’s previous financial advisor made that cost him Michael’s business – and big lessons from Michael’s search for a new advisor. [31:30]
  • #3: How to create a clear, inspiring, practical and attractive picture of your organization’s future. [45:03]



  • [6:48] Why so many authors can’t break free from the herd – and why having a great book that cultivates authority can do more for you than a Ph.D. 
  • [9:29] How to use a book to initiate a business relationship – and the major mistake that so many authors make in releasing and promoting books. 
  • [13:58] Why the first week of publication matters so much – and how bestseller status can massively boost your authority and your business. 
  • [19:11] Why podcasting is so much more effective to drive audiences than traditional radio shows.
  • [23:00] What happened when Michael gave the responsibility for planning date night to his executive assistant – and why having A+ players on your team will always get you better results. 
  • [43:31] Common mistakes that financial advisors make in discovery meetings – and how these can cost them great clients. 
  • [47:15] Why no one can truly bring a master plan to life when working in reactive mode. 
  • [54:00] Why your goals have to be bigger than incremental change to ignite imaginations and inspire action – and why fear, uncertainty, and doubt along the way are absolutely fine. 
  • [1:15:00] Why Michael wants to see social media perceived as absurd in 2045 – even though he built his career using it.




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