012: Michael Hyatt on Designing and Realizing Your Best Year Ever

012: Michael Hyatt on Designing and Realizing Your Best Year Ever

Michael Hyatt - 5 Days To You Best Year Ever

For today’s episode of Elite Advisor Blueprint, we have the honor of welcoming back Michael Hyatt (@MichaelHyatt). Michael brings his expertise as a virtual mentor to this one-hour overview of his excellent goal-setting framework, 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever.

Michael is a prolific author and speaker in addition to his work as a mentor. His latest book, Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want, (co-authored with Daniel Harkavy) is a roadmap for those of us that are excited about coming up with a plan to become our best, most successful selves in all aspects of life.

In this episode, Michael gives us a crash course in his 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever framework so that you can plan for 2017 as 2016 winds down. We discuss the actions each day entails, as well as the life experiences that underlie each day’s lessons. Michael also touches on some outside concepts — like Dan Sullivan’s gap vs. gain idea — that further enrich the Best Year Ever course. We also discuss some of the goals we’ve not quite reached, and how these setbacks can sharpen our focus for the future.

There’s so much actionable advice in this episode that if you apply even a few of Michael’s many tips, you’ll be on track for your own best year ever.

Also, Make 2017 your Best Year EVER. Get the System that over 17,000 people have used to accomplish their biggest goals.

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  • How Michael invented the 5 Days framework and why it’s important to design your year. [4:21]
  • An overview of each of the 5 days before we dive all-in. [8:00]
  • How Day 1 asks you to open yourself up to the many possibilities that next year holds. [10:02]
  • The damaging roles that limiting beliefs play in our lives, professionally and personally. [13:06]
  • A perfect analogy for the boundaries we build for ourselves within our minds. [13:44]
  • Why Day 2 is focused on acknowledging the past, then closing the book and dreaming big for the future. [16:59]
  • The importance of recognizing the gap between your current and future self, yet appreciating the gains you’ve already made. [18:28]
  • What happens to yourself and your team if you permanently focus on the gap. [20:20]
  • How Michael uses this framework with his entire team. [25:45]
  • How Michael structures habit-forming goals versus goals with one end-date. [27:34]
  • The crux of Day 3 – designing the future by gaining clarity about what you want from it. [30:03]
  • Michael’s SMARTER framework for setting goals that are personally compelling. [33:47]
  • Why you should set your goals in the “discomfort zone.” [35:50]
  • Why it’s key to remember that your goals should align with your season of life. [40:02]
  • How to use Day 4 to find the “why” that underlies all your goals and will help you push through the messy middle of your journey. [41:11]
  • Why being familiar with your motivations will give you peace of mind if you need to remove a goal from your list. [44:15]
  • How keeping your goals super-visible will help you stay on top of them. [47:15]
  • What Michael’s research about goal-setting reveals to be the number one reason people don’t meet their goals. [48:30]
  • Why Day 5 is all about action, and how many goals you should aim to set to avoid burnout. [49:18]
  • How to inch closer to your goal each day and how this step is critical to getting there. [52:00]
  • Michael’s book-writing process and how he builds momentum to tackle tough tasks. [53:18]
  • The best business advice Michael’s ever received. [56:08]
  • Michael’s morning routine. [58:06]
  • The one piece of advice for success Michael will give above all else. [58:44]


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