026: Kristi Piehl on Leveraging Television as a Financial Advisor, Framework for Successful Media Appearances, & Creating World-Class Company Culture

026: Kristi Piehl on Leveraging Television as a Financial Advisor, Framework for Successful Media Appearances, & Creating World-Class Company Culture

In this episode I talk with Kristi Piehl, who after 12 years as a TV news anchor decided to turn the tables and use her expertise to get her clients on TV. She’s the Founder and CEO of Media Minefield, a TV news-driven public relations agency specializing in earned media nationwide. In this conversation, you’ll hear how Kristi has carved out a niche that is shaking up the PR industry and doing things differently to help financial advisors across the country get the attention they deserve!


Here are a just a few of the highlights from our conversation:
  • To begin, we learn about Kristi’s journey in the news industry. She shares how she went from being laid off as an investigative journalist to starting a company that is completely transforming an outdated approach to public relations. You’ll discover her unique methodology for consistently helping financial advisors and other clients, land big interviews on major TV outlets around the country!
  • We then talk about the best way to make sure you are getting the most mileage out of your media coverage with different strategies to keep your content alive, as opposed to the one and done approach most TV appearances receive.
  • Next, Kristi goes into her firms step-by-step framework for helping their clients nail every TV interview, including tips on answering tough questions from rogue news anchors and how to drive traffic from TV to your website to ultimately create appointments and drive revenue.
  • Finally, we really dive deep into company culture and building a world-class team. Trust me, Media Minefield didn’t get listed as one of Business Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work, 3 years running, for nothing. Kristi shares a ton of tactics and best practices for creating an engaged, motivated and happy team that will take your business to an entirely new level!

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  • [03:40] Kristi shares her methodology for keeping a positive mindset during adversity, a skill every financial advisor can benefit from.   
  • [07:41] Find out how Kristi went from being laid off to finding her passion and starting Media Minefield, a company that’s completely changing the public relations game and helping financial advisors get the media attention they deserve!
  • [18:48] The framework Kristi uses to help financial advisors effectively communicate with their audience in order to ace every on-air interview!
  • [23:58] A creative and collaborative approach to turning a passive audience into engaged leads.
  • [31:34] Got a big interview coming up? Don’t let your nerves control the narrative! Learn what you can do to stay calm, feel confident and tackle any interview knowing you’re going to nail it!
  • [37:10] Find out what you can do to get more mileage out of your most valuable media coverage.  
  • [39:16] Kristi shares an insightful tip for when unplanned media opportunities arise!
  • [40:09] How to build a world-class team and a winning company culture. You won’t want to miss the incredibly insightful tactics Kristi shares to keep employees happy, engaged, and valued.  
  • [55:12] Kristi shares her all-time favorite business books.
  • [59:35] Kristi shares her definition of success and the one person she thinks of first when she hears that word.
  • [01:01:30] One thing Kristi hopes is looked at as being absurd 25 years from now.
  • [01:02:43]Kristi describes the power of partnerships and how she and her husband have been able to create a relationship that has stood the test of time.   
  • [01:07:09] The one piece of advice that has led to her success.


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