I was born in West Haven, Connecticut. Before being old enough to grow irremovably fond of it, moved at a very young age to Post Falls, Idaho where I grew up the third oldest in a family of seven, six boys and one girl. Let’s just say our household never lacked excitement and crazy, and my only sister is one special and spoiled lady! I also have the privilege of having my older brother as a priest, for this I am truly blessed and quite honored. Growing up in the relatively large town of Post Falls, I engaged in community events, competed on local sports teams, and made great memories with childhood friends. As a boy in a family surrounded by brothers I learned quickly the advantages of having a competitiveness that at a young age quickly instilled the mindset of, ‘challenge to be best’.

My parents are both extremely important in my life, having been my mentors and role models for years. My father is a Regional Sales Distributor for Rigi Enterprises, and my mother achieved her Master’s Degree in Psychology from Boston College, working in a Psychiatric Unit caring for and rehabilitating the lives of the less fortunate. From my parents, I have been taught, excellent work ethic and the intermingling of sales and psychology, which created a unique approach to my career. This approach is what pushes me to give 110% every day and overcome all obstacles that inevitably await.

Come high school, I was enrolled in a private education Catholic boarding school, LaSalette Academy of Georgetown, Illinois. This was a campus surrounded by vast cornfields of the Midwest, where I spent my high school rounding off my initial education and playing sports ranging from soccer, cross country and my favorite of all, basketball. I played varsity and enjoyed every bit of winning rivalries with my teammates and staying in the best shape of our lives. This school is essentially what instilled the mindset of growth in me to this day.

After graduating high school, I travelled quite a bit and visited various states of the US, not shy of living my youthful and crazy dreams before I settled down into college and a career. Gaining experience in various areas of work, I moved to North Dakota where I dabbled in the oil industry, then on to San Jose focusing on developing people skills, and happened upon New Mexico for a wink in time as well. I saw many places and captured so many memories that I can always fall back on.

My career really started when I took a job doing outside sales, for Rigi Enterprises. Here I learned the ‘ins and outs’ of sales and this ultimately created the strongest foundation a person could ask for within the sales industry. After seeing the beauty of what the sales life offered, I started school and took a part-time job in phone sales. I got a job with Sears Marketing, where I sold to clients over the phone. I moved up rather quickly in the company and became a Sales Manager. After a few years as a Sales Manager for Sears Marketing, I was recruited by a Security Company in Kansas, Livewatch, founded in St. Mary’s. Quickly transitioning my experience and abilities, I moved off the phones, into training and development there. After almost two years there, I realized I had capped out on my potential within the Company’s development, and that is when I was contacted by Advisors Excel for a position in Sales and Marketing. I took the leap of faith and that brings me to today! I chose Advisors because of the culture it had to offer and its overall outstanding reputation which I had gathered from the local community.  Here at my job I hope to impact people’s lives every day, not only within this company but spreading that affect within client and advisor relationships all over the country!

In my free time here in Topeka, I love spending time with friends, meeting new people, exploring local unique areas, and so much more! I love hitting up the golf course as well to play a quick 9 holes. I am also a BMW fanatic and have owned about 5 of them, my dream car is an M6. I must say, I love being able to live in a city where we can make such an impact, how we live and act truly can affect the people around us. AE gives me the opportunity to help the local community, and that is one of the biggest blessings of them all. I write a blog ( on motivation, sales and personal growth as a hobby, with the end goal being of helping others in their personal lives. I believe, that we all have the ability to touch the hearts of others and if we truly live with that mindset, we can make the world an even better place than it is!

Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite quote: “Usque ad Finem.”

Best piece of financial advice received: “You are never too poor to give.”

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite movie: Les Misérables

If Jordan could meet anyone, past or present: Babe Ruth

What motivates Jordan: Knowing that my actions every day, affect those around me. That being said, living life to the fullest and helping others in anyway possible.

Place Jordan would most like to visit: Paris.

Something on Jordan’s bucket list: Sky Dive.

Biggest accomplishment: Taking the leap of faith and moving across the country to pursue a career.


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