017: Jon Vroman on The Art of Moment Making, Mastering Public Speaking, and Showing Up For The People In Your Front Row

017: Jon Vroman on The Art of Moment Making, Mastering Public Speaking, and Showing Up For The People In Your Front Row

This week on The Elite Advisor Blueprint, I get the chance to talk with Jon Vroman. Jon is an award-winning motivational speaker, author, philanthropist, podcaster, personal coach, ultra-marathon runner, founder of the Front Row Foundation and most importantly, husband and father. I got to know Jon personally at a dad’s retreat last year that he ran with his good friend Jon Berghoff who was recently featured in episode 16 of the podcast.

Jon has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve ever met and has a truly inspiring story. After an incredible start to his career in the sales industry where he climbed the corporate ladder very quickly, he made the decision to literally step into his boss’s office and quit so he could start a charity. This led to him co-founding the Front Row Foundation which helps create “Front Row” type experiences for those suffering from life threatening illnesses. This has included past recipients literally sitting front and center and often meeting their favorite athletes or entertainers. Performers like Justin Bieber, Jason Aldean, Garth Brooks, Jimmy Buffett, Carrie Underwood, Bon Jovi, & Alan Jackson. Along with professional athletes like Steve Nash, Johnny Damon, and Derek Jeter.

Jon shared some incredibly powerful stories during our conversation on how they’ve been able to impact others that are battling for their life, but also how these experiences have impacted his life in return. Be ready for some emotional moments as Jon had me on the verge of tears multiple times with the stories he shared.

For many of you Blueprint listeners who have helped us raise over $25,000 during our past March Madness Charity events, I’m proud to announce that we are partnering with Jon and The Front Row Foundation this year. So, if you are moved by this conversation, we’ve made it easy to help create a “Front Row” experience that will help someone battling a life threatening illness. In fact we are still accepting nominations if you unfortunately happen to have a friend or family member in this situation, send me a personal email brad@bradleyjohnson.com if you’d like to find out how to make the nomination. Also, we have created a special page for this years event, go to bradleyjohnson.com/charitychallenge if you’d like to help us make a difference for someone in need.

Besides running a charity that’s raised over $1M for those in need, Jon also happens to be a world-class professional speaker and has been named “College Speaker of the Year” multiple times, in this conversation we also dive into some incredible tips on how to:

  • Be properly introduced as you take the stage
  • Captivate your audience (and more importantly how to drive engagement if they aren’t captivated)
  • Craft a compelling story and utilize that story to drive appointments
You guys are going to love the ideas Jon shares here!
Also, in typical Jon Vroman fashion, he did something special for all you Blueprint listeners and setup a page for special pre-release pricing on his new book The Front Row Factor: Transform Your Life with The Art of Moment Making due out March 28th. In his new book, Jon distills all the life lessons he’s learned from sharing moments with those who are fighting to stay alive. All pre-release purchasers also get some special bonus offers as well, so be sure to grab your copy here.


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  • [05:23] Jon shares the story of how he transformed his life and the way he now views the world.
  • [08:50] Jon’s talks about his early career working for CutCo and why he decided to take a leap of faith to quit his job and become a full-time speaker.
  • [13:15] A few inspiring stories from Jon’s book Front Row Factor: The Art of Moment Making and what they can teach us about making the most of the time we have.
  • [20:20] How having hope for the future can change how people invest in the present.  
  • [23:00] How the fear of knowing this ride could end at any moment, motivated Jon to live big, give big and create a world that would make his kids proud.
  • [27:55] Being reminded that one day your life will come to an end and using that to focus on what matters the most right now.
  • [32:44] Jon’s top tips to financial advisors for captivating your audience, crafting a compelling story and mastering your next public speaking gig.  
  • [37:28] How to use the power of story to connect with people so you can land more appointments.
  • [45:52] Why a proper introduction is critical before taking the stage.
  • [50:00] Find out how Jon deals with an audience that isn’t fully engaged and who he decides to focus his attention on.
  • [54:38] Jon shares the life lessons and nuggets of wisdom that he’s received from interviewing leading experts and entrepreneurs on the Front Row Factor podcast.
  • [58:00] The importance of helping others achieve their goals and how it will come back to you twofold.
  • [59:31] Why Jon thinks of his Dad when he hears the word “successful”.
  • [01:00:56] Discover Jon’s favorite book and how it’s changed his life!
  • [01:03:56] The advice Jon would give to his 30-year-old self.
  • [01:06:00] Jon’s gives the one piece of advice that has led to his success. 


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