005: Joey Coleman on what Financial Professionals Can Do for New Clients in the First 100 Days to Help Retain Them Forever

005: Joey Coleman on what Financial Professionals Can Do for New Clients in the First 100 Days to Help Retain Them Forever

Joey Coleman is the founder and Chief Experience Composer of Design Symphony – a customer experience branding firm that assists corporations, non-profits, small businesses, and associations in creating breath-taking interactions for their customers. In short, their team works to get all of the pieces of your business on the same sheet of music, playing in harmony – hence the name Design Symphony. Joey specializes in helping you to better understand your audience, determine what will get their attention, and develop strategies to wow them again and again – especially in the crucial, First 100 Days of the customer lifecycle. Company’s like Zappos and Hyatt Hotels call Joey when they need help!

You guys will love Joey, here’s just a tiny sample of what we cover:

  • Want to know what it’s like to interview for a job w/ the CIA??? Joey tells us as he actually had “Top Secret” security clearance when he worked there under the Clinton administration
  • The do’s and don’ts of public speaking… Joey shares how he preps for his big speeches, what most audience members DON’T do that they should, and common mistakes Joey’s seen others make from stage
  • Then we get into The First 100 Days® which is Joey’s framework for “WOWING” your clients to such a level in their first 100 days that they’ll never leave! Great examples shared in our conversation, including a cool story involving how he personally pulled this off with Darren Hardy (with the help of his friend John Ruhlin)
  • Then it’s on to some rapid fire questions which include Joey’s most gifted books, the advice he’d give his younger self…and much more!
  • One last thing – Don’t miss the FREE TOOL above from Joey for all of our listeners, his The First 100 Days Starter Kit to help you implement this game changer into your own business!!!

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  • *Note: time stamps correlate for audio version of podcast, not YouTube
  • 5:15 Brad introduces Joey onto the podcast
  • 6:57 Brad asks Joey about his job interview with the CIA, and his time at the White House
  • 10:00 Joey talks about his background check with the CIA, specifically the “jump from secret to top-secret”
  • 11:45 What took you from that career, to the career you’re in now?
  • 13:00 “If you’re not sure what you want to do with the rest of your life, look at the books that are next to your bed that you’re reading at night, that’s often a good indicator into the direction you probably want to move in.”
  • 15:00 As a professional speaker, do you have any routines that you go through before you speak?
  • 16:00 Joey strongly encourages audience members who like what the speaker has to say to go up to the speaker after, ask questions, tell them you liked it
  • 16:20 Two things in preparing for speaking. 1) What happens the night before — make sure the presentation is customized to the audience; Joey’s never given the same talk twice. In addition, rehearse the material.
  • 17:45 2) Day of is all about game time: being present in the moment and being open to what needs to be said. In other words, feel out the energy in the crowd and allowing yourself flexibility to best tune into your audience
  • 19:00 Joey expounds upon the idea of working with your audience and how that impacts one’s talk
  • 21:50 Marketing tactics, return on investment, and how that ties into giving talks.
  • 24:00 The audience wants the speaker to succeed. The best way to reach people is to have the attitude of, “For the next hour, my goal is to teach these people things that will make their lives better. Whether or not they choose to work with me, I really don’t care.”
  • 27:55 What are a few of the biggest mistakes you see people make on stage?
  • 31:50 Knowing your audience, and if you’re potentially different from them, acknowledging it from the stage — but don’t get lost in it. Encouraging people to never tune out the message because of the messenger.
  • 35:50 Brad asks Joey to introduce the “First 100 Days” … Essentially, 20-70% of people who say they want to be your client will cease to be your client within the first 100 days, statistically, if they get to Day 101 they’ll stay for a minimum of 5 years.
  • 44:05 Brad talks about ways of communicating with a client during those first 100 days
  • 48:00 Joey challenges advisors on newsletters and the idea of “checking the box” in the realm of communication with clients, Joey and Brad both expound upon the emotional nature of humanity — create opportunity to connect on a personal level, and this will help you succeed
  • 53:30 It’s always the simple stuff — tied with the emotional connection — that seals the deal.
  • 55:30 Joey shares a story with John Reuland and what John did to make an impact on him
  • 58:30 Joey shares a story about how he was able to get to Darren Hardy by buying a gift for his wife instead of him; Joey shares why giving gift to the person’s loved ones can really be a powerful experience.
  • 1:06:00 What is your favorite book, and what is your favorite book to give?
  • 1:11:30 What advice would you give yourself if you were able to go back and talk to your 24 or 25 year old self?
  • 1:13:30 What is one piece of advice you could give the listeners of this podcast?



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