039: Jason Lahita on Leveraging PR as a Financial Advisor, Promoting a Book, & the Origin of FiComm Partners

039: Jason Lahita on Leveraging PR as a Financial Advisor, Promoting a Book, & the Origin of FiComm Partners

In today’s conversation, I’m talking with my friend and special guest Jason Lahita. Jason is the president and co-founder of FiComm Partners—they are a PR firm that focuses exclusively on the independent advisory community and to my knowledge still the only PR firm out there that deals just in the financial advisory space.

Jason is seen as one of the most respected PR professionals in our industry and we do a deep dive into all things PR. We get into how he got his start as the first employee of an entrepreneur named Joe Duran of United Capital fame who’s firm manages over $17B of assets currently. From his beginnings as United Capital’s marketing manager, he’s since built FiComm Partners and has nourished relationships at outlets including the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, CNBC, FOX Business, Forbes, Financial Planning, Investment News, and Financial Advisor Magazine, to name just a handful.

Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:
  • [04:22] How financial services PR has changed since Jason entered the industry just over a decade ago and why it’s important to have a strategy that addresses both traditional media and the emerging digital frontier.
  • [07:13] What needs to be in place within your firm BEFORE you even think about spending a penny on PR.
  • [15:07] Financial Advisor Public Relations 101: What a firm’s 1st PR campaign might look like, what makes a good sound bite during an interview, how PR strategies differ between a billion dollar RIA vs a sole advisor practice, and a lot more!
  • [01:19:20] We go completely off topic at the end and close with our challenges as parents in the digital age and the battle of controlling screen time for your kids.


  • [04:22] How financial services PR has changed since Jason entered the industry – and why social media is now a vital PR tool
  • [07:13] How Jason helps his clients navigate the new PR landscapeand why marketing, landing appointments, and bringing in revenue has to come before the first campaign.
  • [10:33] Why opening the doors too soon could have hurt Jason when he was at United Capital. You’ll find out how the firm set themselves up for a much higher chance of success (and an incredible feature story) because they waited.
  • [15:07] What a firm’s very first PR campaign might look like.
  • [17:54] Why getting in front of a journalist is a 100% unique experience, no matter how many times you’ve spoken to them beforeand the essential do’s and don’ts of press interviews
  • [19:02] How Jason sets his clients up for success by establishing them as credible people that writers love to feature. You’ll learn how to earnrather than ask—your place in high quality articles.
  • [23:43] What makes a soundbite goodand what clients absolutely must avoid!
  • [25:56] How bringing on PR at the right time helped Carson Wealth Management’s business skyrocket.
  • [29:41] How Jason’s strategy differs when working with billion-dollar firms and brands as opposed to smaller, individual producers.
  • [35:26] Jason’s strategies for financial advisors to use books to promote themselves, establish their credibility, and drive new business.
  • [37:43] An all-too-common trap that many publicists fall intoand how to get big wins by doing the opposite.
  • [44:44] Whether local or national PR is harder to get and how to best utilize both.
  • [01:03:12] Why competition in this field isn’t just between financial services firms, but amazing client experiences—and what you can do to stay on top.


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