How To Turn New Clients Into Raving Fans In The First 100 Days

How To Turn New Clients Into Raving Fans In The First 100 Days


Here’s a startling fact about business: Somewhere between 20% and 70% of new clients will stop doing business with you within the first 100 days of becoming a client.

Now most financial professionals will disagree with these figures. After all, you can barely get all the paperwork done in the first 100 days, so there’s no way a new client could stop doing business with you that quickly, right?

Well, not so fast. Branding expert Joey Coleman points out that if you don’t get the first 100 days right, then new clients will mentally and emotionally check out. They won’t become referrers, and they might start looking for other options, even if they don’t officially leave for another few months.

Now, here’s the good news according to Mr. Coleman (who’s used these strategies with Zappos and Hyatt Hotels). If you can create a positive and impactful client experience during the first 100 days, then your clients will stay an average of five years.

When I recently interviewed Mr. Coleman on my podcast, he shared a number of different ideas for connecting with new clients and creating that wow experience that leads to loyalty and long-term client relationships.

1: Introduce new clients to your team in person

Most financial professionals are focused on bringing in new clients. But once the deal is inked, they often hand off new clients to administrative employees to handle the paperwork and complete the onboarding process.

And yet rarely does the financial professional sit down and formally introduce the new client to the team in person.

Just think how a new client would appreciate being introduced to your client concierge who’s responsible for serving their needs daily. He will immediately feel a stronger connection with your team and will have a face to put with the name when he calls in or sends an email asking for an update.

2: Send video introductions of each team member

Financial services is above all a relationship business. So you need to be going above and beyond to build that relationship with new clients, especially during the first 100 days.

One easy and effective way to do this (in addition to in-person introductions) is to send video introductions of each team member by email. This might sound complicated, but it’s actually quite easy when you use a service like BombBomb.

Simply record intro videos for each team member, then set up an auto response email sequence so that new clients get a new video once a week. If you’ve already done in-person introductions, this extra personal touch will cement your relationship with new clients.

3: Practice strategic client appreciation

Giving gifts to clients is not a new idea. Many financial professionals do it. But most are not as thoughtful or strategic as they could be.

For example, many financial professionals put their logos and business information on the gifts they give to their clients. But this really isn’t a gift for the client; it’s marketing material. Most clients see through this even if it is on a subconscious level.

To demonstrate a better approach to gift-giving, Mr. Coleman tells the story of how he and his wife were gifted a high-end kitchen knife. Inscribed on the knife was this: “For the Family of Joey and Bara Coleman.” Underneath the inscription was the logo of Mr. Coleman’s business, Design Symphony.

Mr. Coleman uses that kitchen knife every day, and when he does he thinks of the person who gave it to him. Not only that, Mr. Coleman values and appreciates the knife because it is engraved with his name and business information, not somebody else’s. Powerful, isn’t it?


These three ideas are just a few of many different things you could do to make a huge positive impact on new clients during their first 100 days with you.

The things you do during this critical 100-day window of opportunity will help maximize client value. Do the right things, and new clients will stay with you longer and refer more people to your business.

This post first appeared on Investment News.

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