055: Hal Elrod on The Miracle Equation and How Financial Advisors Can Use His Podcasting Strategy to Maximize Book Launches

055: Hal Elrod on The Miracle Equation and How Financial Advisors Can Use His Podcasting Strategy to Maximize Book Launches

In today’s conversation, Hal Elrod is back for round 2 on the podcast! If you’re unfamiliar with Hal and his Miracle Morning book and the morning routine that’s created a movement for millions worldwide, be sure to check out our first conversation, it’s Episode #32. Hal last joined the podcast back in 2017, it was literally his first interview since being diagnosed cancer free. Since then, in addition to finishing his new book (which we’ll dive deep into today), he’s also wrapped up a soon-to-be-released documentary on the Miracle Morning, he hosts his own podcast, speaks for audiences around the world, and flat out stays busier than anyone else I know… and that in less than two years since recovering from a life-threatening illness.

Most of what we cover today is on Hal’s latest book The Miracle Equation: The Two Decisions That Move Your Biggest Goals from Possible, to Probable, to Inevitable, which is officially live for purchase today. I’ve already read through, highlighted, and dogeared my pre-release copy and I’m looking forward to sharing Hal’s insights in this conversation. Even better, for those financial advisor authors out there, Hal walks through his behind the scenes book promotion strategy for Miracle Morning and how that’s evolved for his latest book, the best part being that most of it was done with no marketing budget!


Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:
  • [05:52] I start today’s conversation by asking Hal, who was NOT an achiever early in life, what changed and how he wires himself to keep achieving. In turn, he shares the story of how he kickstarted his rockstar sales career and uncovered the foundation of what became the Miracle Equation.
  • [14:10] Next, Hal defines what the word miracle really means and the two part framework of the Miracle Equation. We talk about what makes “miracle” such a loaded word and why it’s not a random or passive act, but rather can be a tangible, measurable way to shift your mindset and achieve your greatest goals when you utilize 1. Unwavering Faith and 2. Extraordinary Effort.
  • [30:23] From there, we discuss Hal’s unique “marathon” approach to book promotion and how it differs from most author’s approach of “sprinting” up to the official release. It obviously works as he has reached over 1 million people with his first book which was self-published I might add. If you listen for no other reason than to hear Hal’s unique approach to utilize this very medium of podcasting vs traditional media to maximize your book’s sales and reach, I promise you’ll be happy you did.
  • [35:50] Finally, we get into how to use The Miracle Equation to make extraordinary effort a predictable, ordinary part of your life and how you can translate The Miracle Equation into the real world.




  • [06:23] Hal introduces the Miracle Equation, the power of unwavering faith and extraordinary effort, and how it transformed his life.
  • [09:08] How Hal broke the Cutco Fast Start record despite a total lack of experience and a self-admitted lack of work ethic – and how this showed him the power of the Miracle Equation for the first time in his life.
  • [11:59] Why uninformed optimism often leads us to want to quit – and how to power through it.
  • [18:13] How Hal hit Cutco’s $20,000 sales goal three times in a row – and the shift in mindset that allowed him to hit it the third time with 30% less time to achieve this.
  • [30:23] Hal’s podcast regimen to build up the Miracle Morning – and how his strategy has evolved as he’s promoted the Miracle Equation.
  • [39:21] Why Hal recommends you should be on any podcast that will have you – and why you should aim for smaller podcasts long before you try to appear on high-profile ones.
  • [43:04] Why national television is expensive – but doesn’t move the needle on book sales – especially when compared to podcasting.





Thanks for checking out the latest show, on to this week’s featured reviews!

This week’s first review comes to us from Daniel out of CA who says:

Hey Daniel, thanks for listening in and the kind words. Working in this business for over a decade now, I like to say that I get the opportunity to have an accelerated learning curve as I have a 30k foot view of some of the top independent practices from all over the US. So if I’m able to share what works and what doesn’t without you having to trial and error it or waste a bunch of marketing dollars testing unproven ideas, I’m thankful to be in a position to help. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and the review!

The next review comes to us from user Tcs26mar who says:

Appreciate the review and that’s good to hear each show is getting better. Not going to lie, I cringe a bit when I listen to my early episodes, so glad I’m getting better as the show progresses! I’m working on some cool ideas on how to add even more value to the show, including opening up some of our behind closed doors trainings a bit that are typically reserved just for our clients, so stay tuned on that front.

Next up is user BigBlue0615 who says:

Thanks for listening in and for the 5 star review! I’ve found it’s a common theme with the most successful people I know, they tend to be life-long learners and not only that, but they find ways to continue to grow. That often means fitting in podcasts at the gym or on their drive to the office, so well done on that front. Appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, more episodes on the way!

And the last featured review for the week comes to us from ChrisHansenCFP, who says:

Thanks for the review Chris! It means a lot to hear such kind words from a 26 year vet and CFP. Even better to hear that our show and lineup of guests is making your business more fun, efficient, and profitable. That’s the ultimate trifecta! Glad you’ve been listening since the early days and as the show grows, it’s crazy to me how new doors are opening to book more incredible guests in the future, so stay tuned and I’ll do my best to keep delivering.


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