046: Greg Salciccioli on Why So Many Financial Advisors Fall Victim to the 7 Enemies of Excellence

046: Greg Salciccioli on Why So Many Financial Advisors Fall Victim to the 7 Enemies of Excellence


In today’s conversation, I’m speaking with Greg Salciccioli, the CEO of CoachWell – an executive coaching service that specializes in Professional, Team, and Organizational development. Special thanks to Cody Foster (one of the Founders of Advisors Excel and someone who has personally been coached by Greg) who first introduced us.

Greg is also the author of The Enemies of Excellence, which explores why high achievers so frequently struggle with broken relationships, self-indulgence, disorientation, disarray, and a lack of professionalism. Patrick Lencioni, one of my favorite business writers, describes it as “A wake up call for people in positions of leadership and influence who want to preserve their organizations, families, self-respect, and peace of heart and mind.

During our conversation, Greg and I dive deep into the biggest problems he’s seen in his 18+ years of coaching financial advisors and what to do about them. If you’re looking to reach high net worth individuals, provide better service to your clients, and do right by your coworkers, your family, and yourself, this is a must-listen.

Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:
  • [08:42] Why Greg’s new book took shape around the 7 Enemies of Excellence, what they are, and why high achievers – especially financial advisors – so often fall prey to them.
  • [14:56] Why awareness and high emotional intelligence are so crucial to reaching higher net worth clients, upgrading your services, and relating to people – in an even more meaningful way than ever before.
  • [20:00] The crucial mistakes many financial advisors make, but may not be aware of – and how to flip the script and offer solutions to your clients’ problems instead of services they don’t need.
  • [23:14] How Greg found his retirement advisor and what about her approach attracted him to wanting to work with her.  Not only that, but he explains exactly why he decided to “release” his previous advisor – BTW, if this is how you operate, it could cost you your next high net-worth client!
  • [45:29] Greg shares some sage advice for financial advisors who struggle to find and keep talented staff and how to turn client issues into opportunities.



  • [05:48] What Greg learned from one of my favorite business authors, Patrick Lencioni – and Patrick’s great strength that informed Greg’s own life and personal practice.
  • [10:14] The crucial weakness Greg discovered that brings down so many ambitious leaders.
  • [11:00] How to assess whether your ego serves yourself or others – and what to watch out for.
  • [14:06] Brad introduces Greg to the 5 Minute Journal.
  • [15:58] How Greg helps successful financial advisors who may not be aware that they have huge egos become self-aware – and turns this into a meaningful learning experience.
  • [17:47] Why active listening and asking great questions are key to becoming better negotiators and salespeople in service of your clients.
  • [18:24] The actual test Greg gives his coaching clients to determine their listening skills.
  • [22:32] Why talking too much in meetings – and not asking enough questions – puts a hard cap on so many financial advisors’ salaries.
  • [23:30] The questions Greg would incorporate into his first meeting with a new client if he were a financial advisor.
  • [27:11] How Greg found his retirement advisor – and the reasons he built a long, sustainable, and lasting relationship with them.
  • [30:09] Why Greg released his previous financial advisor – and what they did wrong that they still may not be aware of.
  • [32:44] What financial advisors have to do to step up their game in order to attract and retain high net worth individuals.
  • [38:03] Why it’s easy to lead from a position of weakness – and a real challenge to lead from genuine strength.
  • [40:17] Greg shares a story of watching a billion-dollar leadership team meltdown because of a bad meeting that lasted less than 10 minutes – and what could have been done to prevent it.
  • [43:01] Why bad habits breed like rabbits, lead to indulgence, and unravel so many achievers – and how having a trusted group of people with whom you practice self-disclosure can help protect you.
  • [50:58] Why affirmations have to be true to really resonate – and what you can do to make affirmations even more powerful.
  • [52:00] How Greg coaches Type A personalities to allow people to make mistakes as they learn – and how to bond clients even closer to you by being honest.
  • [55:59] Greg’s favorite book he ever read and how it impacted his life.
  • [57:46] Who Greg thinks of when he hears the word “successful” and why.
  • [59:18] Why Greg thinks the way we text and email right now is absurd – and how he’d like to see ongoing, engaging dialogue change in the next 10 years.
  • [01:03:18] The one piece of advice that helped lead Greg to success.




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