030: Garrett Gunderson on Transitioning from Tragedy to NYTimes Bestseller, Attracting Business Owner Clients, & Modeling a Family Office Approach

030: Garrett Gunderson on Transitioning from Tragedy to NYTimes Bestseller, Attracting Business Owner Clients, & Modeling a Family Office Approach

Today, I’m talking with Garrett Gunderson, who is the Founder and Chief Wealth Architect of Wealth Factory, a company that’s breaking all the rules for how to work with business owners and high-growth entrepreneurs.

Wealth Factory’s best described as a virtual Family Office and for you advisors looking for the secret formula for connecting with business owners, Garrett gives you all the tools in this conversation.

He also happens to be a New York Times bestselling author of the book Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths That Are Destroying Your Prosperity. He’s become a good friend and I love that he’s not only about business but about giving back and focusing on the important things in life that really matter. I have to say this was one of the conversations I’ve most enjoyed so far on the show.


Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:
  • Garrett’s strategy for perfecting the art of speaking—including lessons from the best public speaking coaches in the world!
  • How to overcome “The Scarcity Mindset” and perpetuate your wealth for generations to come.
  • Garrett’s unique framework for how his company works with high growth entrepreneurs.
  • Why it’s absolutely criticalespecially as a financial advisorto maintain meaningful relationships with the people you love and avoid distractions that are disguised as opportunities.
  • How to tap into the 2 most important forms of capital so you can skyrocket the success of your businessGarrett likes to call this The Value Equation.
  • What Garrett learned from a 1 month sabbatical with his family in Italy and how it changed his life.


  • [03:50] The new hobby that’s pushing Garrett beyond his comfort zone and helping him become an impeccable speaker.
  • [12:35] Getting past “The Scarcity MindsetA story about Garrett’s grandparents and their struggle to find financial prosperity.  
  • [15:45] How did he get his start in the financial services industry and lead his family—which was traditionally poverty strickento substantial wealth.
  • [21:00] Learn how to instill values in your kids that perpetuate your wealth for generations to come. 
  • [25:25] The life-changing partnership that came to a tragic ending, but would inspire Garrett’s future success and legacy.
  • [33:47] He had “made it” financially, but lost sight of what truly mattered in the process—Find out why real wealth goes beyond the numbers and how Garrett managed to get his life back on track when he had nothing left to give.
  • [38:13] How to host an educational event that clients will actually pay for.
  • [46:23] Trying to land new business? Garrett outlines the big mistakes to avoid, along with the key strategies he uses to market his business, build an A+ team, leverage influencers and attract clients that are a perfect fit.
  • [01:02:08] Learn how to differentiate yourself as a financial advisor and build a brand that prospects can’t ignore.   
  • [01:05:35] Learn how to keep it simple, ditch the corporate jargon and better connect with your clients!  
  • [01:18:25] Build a better business and exponentially drive more financial capital by tapping into The Value Equation.
  • [01:21:35] Garrett describes his favorite moments in Italyincluding the most delightful Italian drink you’ve probably never heard of.  
  • [01:28:21] The books that have made the biggest impact on Garrett’s life.
  • [01:30:25] Done is better than perfectGarrett reveals his top tips for getting things completed!
  • [01:33:50] Garrett explains why budgeting sucks!
  • [01:36:50] Why you need to find your own success formula in order to amplify your life.


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Speaking of future guests… I’m excited to share that one of our episodes coming up I’ll be chatting with one of the top wine experts in the world (as a quick aside, if you happen to be a fan of any of the Somm documentaries on Netflix, our next guest will be a familiar one). We’ll be breaking down wine 101 for financial advisors when it comes to the basic of how to talk about it, how to host amazing wine events people will actually want to show up to and potentially even how the high net worth invest in it, for all you winos out there make sure you don’t miss it!


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