004: Donald Miller on How Advisors Can Apply Hollywood’s Story Formula to Their Practice & 3 Simple Website Tips For Dramatically Increasing Appointments

004: Donald Miller on How Advisors Can Apply Hollywood’s Story Formula to Their Practice & 3 Simple Website Tips For Dramatically Increasing Appointments


Donald Miller (@donaldmiller) is the CEO of StoryBrand. Combined, his 7 books have spent more than a year on the NYT Bestsellers list. He’s consulted with hundreds of companies to help them clarify their messaging, including the likes of Berkshire HathawayChick-fil-ACharity Water, and Intel to name a few. They coach their clients on a seven step framework to successfully tell a story that clarifies their client’s messaging to create better websites, elevator pitches and marketing collateral.

Don and I have a lot of fun in this 60-minute conversation and cover a broad range of topics!

Here’s just a tiny sample of what we cover:

  • Star Wars and Tommy Boy are actually the SAME movie when you break down the story-telling framework of Hollywood, but more importantly, Don covers how to apply this simple framework to better engage your clients and prospects!
  • 2 things the human brain is trying to do at ALL times and what you can do in your marketing to capitalize on it
  • How Don’s random encounter on an airplane completely changed his perspective on his own brand and eventually let to the creation of StoryBrand.
  • POLITICS… Yeah we go here… No worries, we don’t pick any sides, but Don breaks down the reason Donald Trump’s campaign is working (hint: You can apply this to your business!)
  • 3 quick changes on your website that can be implemented in less than 48 hours to dramatically increase your clients and prospects understanding of how to work with you!
  • …and much more!

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Connect with Don on Twitter or Facebook. He’s a wealth of knowledge and was extremely generous with his time.

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  • *Note: time stamps correlate for audio version of podcast, not YouTube
  • 5:25 Brad welcomes Don into the show
    5:55 A compelling concept is introduced: Star Wars and Tommy Boy are essentially the same movie. Don explains how he studies story and their structure, and how they impact the human mind.
  • 7:40 The two things the brain is trying to do – survival and preserving energy. Don describes and expands these two things and ties it to marketing.
    10:30 What were the steps that took you from New York Times Best Seller to consulting companies?
  • 11:40 Don tells us a story of sitting next to a fan on a flight who didn’t realize it was Don himself, and how that conversation changed his business dramatically.
  • 14:08 Don was given advice to move into consulting, and he explains the demand for his services.
  • 15:45 Scott describes the customer’s thought: “What’s in it for me?” He describes what customers are really looking for.
  • 17:00 The story of Lincoln and Matthew McConaughey, Don works through the framework of story.
  • 18:30 First part of the framework: the customer is the hero of the story.
  • 19:30 Second part of the framework: hero’s can’t solve the story on their own.
  • 20:15 Presidential campaigns of the past, their stories, and how that impacts success. How the winner was a guide, and not a hero.
  • 22:00 Why is Donald Trump winning right now? His message is extremely simple, and he does not position himself as the hero.
  • 25:30 The person who can come up with a simple statement, and repeat it loudly and often, will almost always win. Don applies it to the financial realm.
  • 27:30 Story about an industrial painter, and how Don was able to simplify his message.
  • 29:15 Brad brings up the “junk drawer” analogy for financial advising.
  • 29:55 Don discusses what a lot of companies do, why it’s not effective, and explains the importance of strong and emotional sound bites.
  • 31:25 Brad asks Don what he thinks the most common mistake financial advisors make.
  • 32:20 Don lists off things to help your website be successful.
  • 33:35 Don discusses the importance of e-mail, tactics you can use to get e-mail addresses, and how they will help you be successful.
  • 35:05 Don discusses an e-mail strategy with an example of what he would do to help three different types of customers. He discusses how it turns into a “digital automated salesforce.”
  • 40:35 Brad asks Don about his favorite book, or if there’s a book that Don gifts to others frequently.
  • 43:00 Brad’s rapid fire questions begin. When you hear the word successful, who pops into your mind and why?
  • 44:00 If you could go back to your 20-year-old self and give one piece of advice, what would it be?
  • 46:00 Noise versus music, and the difference is structure. Brad asks him to explain.
  • 48:00 One piece of advice that has led to your success that you could give, what would it be?



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