031: DLynn Proctor on Wine Tasting 101 for Financial Advisors, Hosting Events for the Affluent & A Customer Service Lesson from The French Laundry

031: DLynn Proctor on Wine Tasting 101 for Financial Advisors, Hosting Events for the Affluent & A Customer Service Lesson from The French Laundry


During this conversation we had a first ever on the show and I’ve got to say it was a bucket list moment as it included tasting a couple of wines with one of the foremost wine experts in the world, DLynn Proctor.

For those unfamiliar, he is currently the winemaking ambassador for Penfolds Americas. Yes, that famous Australian winery that produces one of the most iconic bottles in the world, Penfolds Grange. DLynn’s been recognized as Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s ‘40 Under 40’ Tastemakers and has been featured in notable publications like Wine Spectator, The Tasting Panel, The New York Times and the Huffington Post.  

DLynn Proctor Winery

DLynn admiring the grounds at Paul Hobbs

How our path’s originally crossed was the fact that he was also featured in one of my favorite documentaries of all time—the internationally acclaimed ‘SOMM’—directed by our mutual friend Jason Wise. You’ll hear plenty about the movie during our conversation, but do yourself a favor, if you love wine or just an incredible story, go watch this movie. My guess is it will blow your mind, like it did mine the first time I watched it!

Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:


  • Wine Tasting 101 for the Independent Financial Advisor—How to taste a glass of wine without the fear of messing it up in front of your clients.
  • DLynn’s top tips for hosting an unforgettable wine event just like the pros—You’ll learn how to blow your clients away with expert wine vocabulary, engaging event ideas and a much better understanding for how to properly grid a wine.
  • Find out why dressing well really does matter—Carry yourself with confidence, demonstrate your discipline, and represent the best version of yourself with a wardrobe that counts!
  • Learn how to go above and beyond the call of duty and completely astonish your clients with a great customer experience.
DLynn Proctor Group Shot

Tasting at Kosta Browne with winemaker Nico Cueva and the guys from SOMM

The Infamous French Laundry Experience

The French Laundry

What started out as an off-the-cuff remark asking to order the world’s finest beer – Keystone Light of course 😉 turned into the ultimate client experience at The French Laundry! (Listen to me tell the story here)


Keystone Light On Ice - The French Laundry

The infamous bucket of Keystone Lights

Keystone Light - UFC

What is the proper etiquette for serving Keystone Light??? The finest UFC coaster of course!

Keystone Light The French Laundry



  • [05:03] DLynn explains the unique role of a Sommelier in the wine industry—a.k.a. ‘The Guinea Pigs for Death
  • [12:10] DLynn teaches you the wine basics so you can host your next event with confidence!
  • [21:42] Learn how to taste wine in front of your clients without embarrassing yourself!
  • [27:27] The six category wine tasting grid to identify a wine—DLynn shows us how it’s done!
  • [34:07] Don’t miss how DLynn developed an extraordinary wine vocabulary and became a master of his craft.
  • [38:46] Wine event ideas for the financial advisorLearn to impress your clients and create a networking environment that leads to new business.
  • [44:20] Discover some creative and engaging wine tasting games that you can incorporate into your next event.
  • [51:47] Find out how the SOMM films shot DLynn’s career into a completely different stratosphere.
  • [54:27] DLynn’s reveals a few hints about the upcoming SOMM III movie.
  • [55:29] Why it’s so important to dress to impress and best practices for making a lasting impression with your wardrobe!
  • [1:02:07] Brad shares a fun story that demonstrates how to turn an off-the-wall client request into an unforgettable customer experience.
  • [1:11:50] If it was his last meal on earth, what would it be and what wine would he be pairing with it?
  • [1:13:18] What’s the current best value wine for your money?
  • [1:15:08] Find out what book has made the biggest impact on DLynn’s life.
  • [1:17:28] Something DLynn would like to see as absurd 25 years from now.
  • [1:19:00] The one piece of advice that has led to DLynn’s success.

DLynn Proctor Wine Glasses

Rosé-colored glasses


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