034: David Meerman Scott on Prepping Your PR for the Next Market Correction, Trump’s Winning Media Strategy, and Newsjacking 101

034: David Meerman Scott on Prepping Your PR for the Next Market Correction, Trump’s Winning Media Strategy, and Newsjacking 101


In this conversation, I talk with David Meerman Scott, a Marketing and Sales strategist who’s authored a number of books, including The New Rules of Marketing & PR, now in it’s 6th edition which has been translated into 29 languages and is now used in universities and business schools worldwide. One of his most recognized books, Newsjacking talks about some of the strategies Donald Trump utilized to hijack headlines and generate free press in our most recent election. David has also spoken in over 40 countries including on stages for companies like Google, Ford Motor Company, DOW Jones, Nasdaq and for you Tony Robbins fans out there, he’s a regular at Tony’s Business Mastery event.

For financial advisors looking to generate attention in ways that will grow your business, this is one you’ll definitely want to pay attention to!


Here are a just a handful of the things that you’ll learn:
  • How the internet and social media has transformed business today and how that impacts you as a financial advisor.
  • David lays out an Australian Bank’s strategy to winning media for their annual rate change meeting and how that very same strategy can be applied to Federal Reserve meetings right here in the USA.
  • The step-by-step “newsjacking” strategy that financial advisors can use to grab the attention of clients, prospects and major media outlets.
  • How to tap into the power of serendipity to create a media strategy that pays off BIG—David’s client used this same strategy to write a random Lindsay Lohan article that resulted in closing $250k in sales in less than 2 weeks!
  • 5 questions that every financial advisor should ask to determine where they should be focusing their future marketing efforts.
  • For you music fans out there, stick around to the end for a couple of very cool stories you won’t want to miss—you’ll find out why the first 2 stills in this Bob Marley trailer were taken by David!


  • [04:00] Why so few financial advisors are capitalizing on real-time communication to market to prospective clients—this is a major content marketing opportunity that can establish advisors as the go-to expert!
  • [15:22] How to use “newsjacking” to leverage the media and establish yourself as an expert in the financial services industry.
  • [22:16] The real-time marketing tactic Donald Trump used to leverage the biggest speech of Hillary Clinton’s life. You can apply this exact same strategy to grab the attention of your prospects.
  • [24:38] David shares a step-by-step game plan that financial advisors can implement to create and push out real-time content that gets noticed!
  • [30:32]How to uncover news stories that go beyond the financial world and use them to your advantageDavid calls these “happy accidents” and they are key to standing out!
  • [34:11] The Lindsay Lohan article that paid off big for one of David’s clients—in only 2 weeks he was featured in major publications, received over 8,000 inquiries for new business and closed $250k in sales.
  • [37:56] Are traditional marketing channels on their way out? 5 questions that advisors should ask to determine where they should be focusing their future marketing efforts.   
  • [46:48] Find out how David got connected with his current financial advisor and how you can acquire super successful clients just like him.
  • [52:26] The #1 thing he learned from sharing the stage with Tony Robbins.
  • [53:26] The first person David thinks of when he hears the word ‘successful’ and why.
  • [55:53] Find out what book has made the biggest impact on David’s life.
  • [57:21] David shares some really impressive music stories that you won’t want to miss!  
  • [01:01:13] The one piece of advice that has led to David’s success.


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