027: Never Lose an Employee Again with Joey Coleman

Joey Coleman

If you find it difficult to retain top talent, you’re not alone. Studies show that somewhere between 20% and 60% of new hires quit in the first 100 days! That’s why I’m excited to speak with Joey Coleman. When organizations like Whirlpool, NASA, Volkswagen, and Zappos need to boost employee satisfaction, Joey’s the guy they […]

010: Elevate Your Team, Avoid Burnout, and Drive Sustainable Growth with Robert Glazer

“We’re ending the steroid phase of high-growth organizations that just kind of grew by breaking people and burning through them.” – Robert Glazer Gone are the days of pushing people to unreasonable limits in order to hit “company goals.” People need boundaries. They need time away from work, so that when they are working, they’re […]

009: The 5 Secrets of Genuine Influence with Bob Burg

Bob Burg

How can you truly understand your clients needs, goals and desires if they don’t fully trust you? In today’s episode, I’m talking with Bob Burg about how you can communicate with your clients and prospects more effectively, improve your ability to navigate difficult conversations, and create an environment where they feel safe and comfortable to […]

003: Mind Your Mindset with Michael Hyatt 

Do you trust the voice in your head?   Our minds are powerful storytellers, but the stories our minds feed us as facts aren’t always accurate. In fact, neuroscience research has shown that, on average, about 20% of our memories are false. And even crazier, up to 70% are distorted in some way.   Unfortunately, these stories […]

002: The 5 Pillars to Scaling Your Advisory Business with Shawn Sparks

Shawn Sparks

In our industry, it’s all too common to treat revenue numbers as the ultimate scoreboard. But if that’s your only game plan, not only will your progression hit a ceiling, but burnout is inevitable.   Today, I’m sitting down with Shawn Sparks of Triad Partners, to talk about what it means to truly succeed as a […]