071: Unlocking Pro Athlete Performance & Building a Winning Culture with Ken Crenshaw

Today, I’m talking to Ken Crenshaw, the Sports Medicine and Performance Director for the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Ken’s journey in sports medicine is beyond fascinating and inspiring: from growing up on a small cattle ranch in New Mexico to working with four major MLB teams over the past 35 years, including a World Series Championship with […]

068: Overcoming Loss and Serving $10M+ Clients with Tim & Julie Sullivan

Tim & Julie Sullivan

Today, I have the pleasure of talking with Triad members Tim and Julie Sullivan – a dynamic husband and wife team that lead Strategic Wealth Advisors Group together. After joining Triad in early 2023, Tim and Julie have grown their business by leaps and bounds. Not only did they just sign a $12 million client […]

048: Triad Member: Stephen Stricklin – Mastering Educational Events vs Dinner Seminars & the Impact of Building a Firm vs an Agency Model

Today, I’m chatting with Triad Member Stephen Stricklin, who is the president and founder of Wise Wealth LLC, an independent, full-service wealth management firm. As a former teacher, Stephen took his passion for educating others and adapted it to the financial services industry. His firm’s motto, “First Wisdom, Then Wealth,” says it all – they’re […]

045: DBDL Top Moments of 2023 | Triad Member Spotlights

Top Moments of 2023

What’s up DBDL Fam and Happy New Year! This week, we’re shaking things up! After 40+ interviews with leading experts, entrepreneurs, and game changers in the financial world, I wanted to round up the best advice shared on the pod, and deliver it straight to your ear drums. I got the team to go back […]