048: Triad Member: Stephen Stricklin – Mastering Educational Events vs Dinner Seminars & the Impact of Building a Firm vs an Agency Model

Today, I’m chatting with Triad Member Stephen Stricklin, who is the president and founder of Wise Wealth LLC, an independent, full-service wealth management firm. As a former teacher, Stephen took his passion for educating others and adapted it to the financial services industry. His firm’s motto, “First Wisdom, Then Wealth,” says it all – they’re […]

045: DBDL Top Moments of 2023 | Triad Member Spotlights

Top Moments of 2023

What’s up DBDL Fam and Happy New Year! This week, we’re shaking things up! After 40+ interviews with leading experts, entrepreneurs, and game changers in the financial world, I wanted to round up the best advice shared on the pod, and deliver it straight to your ear drums. I got the team to go back […]

032: Principles for Scaling Your Advisory Business, Live at Future Proof with Brad Johnson, Kristin Shea & Clayton Alexander

Future Proof Live

Today, we’re doing things a little differently. Instead of our usual interview, we’re recording the pod LIVE from Future Proof – the world’s largest wealth festival. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a 4-day event that brings together top professionals from the wealth management ecosystem to provide insights, workshops, panel discussions, and exclusive networking opportunities, driving growth […]