Brady LaMar: Vice President of Marketing


I grew up in Silver Lake, KS, a town of about 2000 people. My parents were educators, being teachers and coaches for over 30 years, and very involved in the community. My parents set a great example, as they have been married since 1982 and really sacrificed a lot for us three kids shuffling us around to sports tournaments and camps and taking vacations when we could.

IMG_20150321_130824After my dad transitioned from teaching to being a small business owner, he had a commercial and residential painting and contracting company. Growing up, much of the free time I had outside of sports or playing with my friends, was spent working for Expert Painting. Getting up at the crack of dawn and working through the summer in 100-degree heat, painting an apartment building or a hotel inside and out definitely taught that hard work paid off.

We traveled a lot as kids.  It was really spontaneous, load up everything in the car and hit the road type of vacations. We went to a lot of MLB games (14 stadiums and counting), college and NFL football games, made road trips to amazing places around the US (38 states and counting), and the best ones were learning how to ski and snowboard in annual winter trips out to Colorado.  That travel bug has definitely been contagious, since I was a young kid and still hit the road to see new places and experience as much as we can outdoors across the U.S, with recent hiking trips through Colorado, Utah, and Oregon!

huskers 06I loved growing up in a small town and playing sports with buddies.  In high school, I was fortunate to be on teams that finished State Runner-Up in football and State Champions in baseball, but my main sport and passion was always wrestling.  This is the biggest arena that dedication paid off, struggling as a kid and taking my licks but still being focused and putting in 10,000+ hours allowed me to see dividends through a high school career placing in state four times and earning a scholarship to University of Nebraska.  Started college in 2005, moved up to Lincoln, Nebraska to be a Cornhusker! Though only 3 hours from home, not knowing a single person on a huge campus forced me to meet other people and to find my own path. One really cool aspect is I lived with guys from 6 other states throughout college so now have friends scattered all over the U.S. that still connect when we can. I was on the team for two years at Nebraska, and 2X member of Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll, then hung up the wrestling shoes and grind of student-athlete life to have some freedom in time and energy as a college student.

I majored in finance, so The College of Business Administration is where I spent most of my time.  Throughout college, I worked at a bank for regular hours and then worked at a buddy’s landscaping company whenever I could fit it in on the weekends or throughout the summer.

Brady LamarOne pivotal event is I took a summer class in 2007 and met Hanna, and as it turns out we grew up about 15 minutes from each other. Wild that we were both 200 miles away from home, in a different state, in a summer class, and crossed paths. Fast forward a bit, and we were married in 2014

Fast forward after college – 2009 I took a job as an underwriter with a large insurance company in Lincoln.  Worked there for almost a year and had valuable learning experience but the corporate atmosphere and being stuck in a quiet, gray cubical had me looking for more exciting opportunities. I had actually accepted a job in Denver, but an opportunity came up where Brad Johnson called me and said they might have a fit at Advisors Excel.  Really, I never expected to move back to Kansas; but trusting some buddies that joined this startup called Advisors Excel and having good friends working there, it turned into one of those “it’s who you know” things and just took the leap of faith and joined the team here in 2010, where I was the 55th employee.

Moved back to Kansas, dove right into the world of what it means to be an independent financial professional, and really loved the culture of sharing at Advisors Excel and getting to spend time with very successful small business owners and the top financial professionals in the industry.

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At Advisors Excel, now, one thing I love is just helping a small group of clients really design their ideal practice; getting to know the people that are working with us and committing 100% of our resources to helping them grow is what this job really fun and entertaining.  We try to bring that passion and focus to help those financial professionals every day.

On the personal side, I was married in 2014 to Hanna.  We had a big, fun wedding, in Lawrence, Kansas, where we’ve lived since 2013.  In May of 2015, we added Lucille, the first of many children that we hopefully are blessed with. Lucy has been amazing, always easy going, laughing and loves being outside.  Our main hobby is traveling; we’ll try to knock off a couple bucket-list trips domestically every year, or going to favorite spots at lakes or in the mountains.  We are very fortunate the 3 of us are happy and healthy and have a great circle of friends!


Favorite Food: Salsa

Favorite quote: “Discipline equals freedom.”

Best piece of financial advice received: Start young. Track everything. Keep it simple.

Favorite holiday: Independence Day

Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption

If Brady could meet anyone, past or present, it would be: Theodore Roosevelet

What motivates Brady: Creating a full & balanced lifestyle

Place Brady would most like to visit: Havasu Falls

Favorite book: The Miracle Morning  by Hal Elrod

Something on Brady’s bucket list: Hiking the Kalalua Trail in Kauai.

Biggest accomplishment: Married Hanna in 2014, had Lucille in 2015. Thriving, healthy family!



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