033: Process vs Product: What Financial Advisors Can Learn From the Most Successful Pitch in Shark Tank History [Brad Johnson Solo Episode]

033: Process vs Product: What Financial Advisors Can Learn From the Most Successful Pitch in Shark Tank History [Brad Johnson Solo Episode]

Today we’re going to try something a little different. For those of you who have previously tuned in to the show, you know I’m typically interviewing world-class thought leaders ($1B+ RIAs, elite entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, and more) on distilling their expert advice and the methodologies that led to their success.

But I’ve recently started to get a lot of requests asking about the concepts and strategies we use to help independent financial advisors get to that next level. So, I’ve decided it was time to roll out an “in-between-isode.” Essentially, a solo session with just me on the mic, delivering actionable tactics that you—the financial advisor—can immediately implement.  

Ok, so where exactly should we start?

Well, over the years, we’ve dealt with a lot of offices, usually bringing anywhere from $3M to $150M+ in assets per year. No matter what the size of the firm, the most common question I get time after time, remains the same.

“How do I get more appointments on the calendar?

Shocker, I know 😉 But, it’s still an area that most independent financial advisors have yet to master. Today though, I’m going to explain something I’ve found that is an absolute game changer and comes even BEFORE you “dial up” the marketing spend to increase appointments…

In fact, I’m about to share the secret ingredient that 99% of the financial services industry is failing to add to their mix—even billion dollar asset managers don’t always get this right.

It’s the exact same thing that’s preventing YOU from differentiating yourself from every other advisory firm on the block!

I’m going to use one of my favorite examples—the most successful pitch in Shark Tank history—to demonstrate what you absolutely NEED to be doing differently.


  • [04:58] What the company behind the #1 best selling product in Shark Tank history did differently and why this is the biggest key to your success as a financial advisor.
  • [10:10] Discover the proprietary process that will set your firm apart, so you don’t become a commodity like the rest of the industry!
  • [16:39] Does your financial plan look like the kitchen junk drawer? Learn how to organize the chaos and create ONE simple solution to solve all your clients problems!
  • [20:18] The simple framework we help our clients create to break their emotional attachment to individual products or asset managers and lay out a easy to understand “retirement blueprint” for their prospects and clients.
  • [22:13] Client Case Study: SHP Financial – Discover the systematic approach Derek, Keith and Matt used to completely change their business model:
    • 2012 – $8M of new assets gathered
    • 2017 – $120M+ of assets gathered YTD
    • Systematic approach to every case with client commitment made before diving into insurance products or asset managers (or spending hours building out a financial plan only to get an “I want to think about it”)
    • Average new client has climbed to $750k for Derek, Keith, and Matt
    • 60%+ conversion ratio from 1st appointment to clients
    • 25 yr old associate advisor who is pacing for $15M of assets year to date with 2 years experience leveraging their proprietary process

We have 3 seats remaining for our live event featuring Bo Eason, David Bach, and Derek, Keith, and Matt sharing exactly how they’ve used their proprietary process to capture $120M+ of assets this year. Click here to apply. We’re covering flight, hotel, and event tuition for those who qualify.


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Please keep in mind, your process should reflect the products and services you are licensed to provide, all consumers should be encouraged to seek the advice of qualified professionals for tax, legal or investment advice you/your firm is not licensed to provide.

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