Lately, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with financial advisors looking for the best ways to grow their firms, and I’ve been encountering one question more than just about any other: “How can I spend the least amount of money to maximize results – and get appointments on the calendar?

There are lots of things that independent financial advisors can do to generate leads. There’s public events, like seminars and workshops, as well as full-blown advertising campaigns, including TV and radio, for some of the larger firms out there.

But if your current strategy is struggling to land new clients or increase your amount of new assets, it’s time to take a step back and ask yourself: are you looking at math, or are you making your marketing decisions based on what you’re thinking and feeling?

Today, we’re going to talk about what so many advisory firms do wrong. I’m also going to explain a super simple approach to make it easier than ever for you to determine how to spend in order to land clients, grow your revenue, and crush your goals for 2018.


  • [1:33] Why financial services marketing is like playing a slot machine that doesn’t lose.
  • [4:56] Why you’re making a huge mistake if you aren’t examining the numbers behind your marketing.
  • [5:55] Introducing my marketing ROI tracker – and how you can easily track your spends and performance.
  • [7:03] Why “Let’s just generate 5 more referrals this week” as a strategy isn’t good enough – and what you need to be thinking about to actually get results.
  • [7:44] The reason I would always choose pulling the ‘events slot machine’ over having an empty calendar.
  • [9:44] The biggest mistake that financial advisors make when trying to double their ROI – and how you can avoid it.
  • [10:48] The single most important number that one of our most successful offices pays attention to.
  • [11:14] The difference between lead measures and lag measures – and how to make your tracking as accurate as possible.
  • [13:34] How you can craft a meaningful, quantifiable strategy to grow from 5 million in new assets to 10 million.



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