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About The Podcast

The Elite Advisor Blueprint®

The Elite Advisor Blueprint is a podcast dedicated to sharing the “blueprint for success” in the independent financial advising world.

Based on Brad’s decade of experience consulting the top advisors in the US, that could mean doubling your revenue, doubling your vacation, or BOTH!

Brad distills the best advice from top thought leaders and applies it to the world of independent financial advising.

Brad Johnson - Shark Tank

033: Process vs Product: What Financial Advisors Can Learn From the Most Successful Pitch in Shark Tank History [Brad Johnson Solo Episode]

Today we’re going to try something a little different. For those of you who have previously tuned in to the...
Hal Elrod - The Elite Advisor Blueprint

032: Hal Elrod on Beating Cancer, Building a Community, & How Financial Advisors Can Create a Miracle Morning Routine

   In this conversation, I finally get the chance to sit down with a special guest and buddy of...
DLynn Proctor Wine Tasting - Elite Advisor Blueprint

031: DLynn Proctor on Wine Tasting 101 for Financial Advisors, Hosting Events for the Affluent & A Customer Service Lesson from The French Laundry

  During this conversation we had a first ever on the show and I’ve got to say it was a...
Garrett Gunderson - Elite Advisor Blueprint

030: Garrett Gunderson on Transitioning from Tragedy to NYTimes Bestseller, Attracting Business Owner Clients, & Modeling a Family Office Approach

Today, I’m talking with Garrett Gunderson, who is the Founder and Chief Wealth Architect of Wealth Factory, a company that’s...
Jon Acuff - The Elite Advisor Blueprint

029: Jon Acuff on his New Book Finish, What he Learned Working with Dave Ramsey, & How to Serve Your Audience

Today, I’m talking with Jon Acuff, a New York Times Bestselling author, who for 19+ years, has been helping companies...
Pete Vargas - Elite Advisor Blueprint

028: Pete Vargas on Winning Local Stages, Creating Signature Talks that Convert & How to Advance Your Reach

 In this episode, I talk with Pete Vargas, aka “The Stage Whisperer” who since 2003 has been responsible for...
Barry Glassman - The Elite Advisor Blueprint

027: Barry Glassman on Scaling a $1 Billion RIA from Ground Up & the Secret to Creating an Award Winning Culture

In this episode, I talk with Barry Glassman, who is the President and Founder of Glassman Wealth Services®, where he...
Elite Advisor Blueprint - Kristi Piehl

026: Kristi Piehl on Leveraging Television as a Financial Advisor, Framework for Successful Media Appearances, & Creating World-Class Company Culture

In this episode I talk with Kristi Piehl, who after 12 years as a TV news anchor decided to turn...
Ryan Michler Podcast - Order of Man - Elite Advisor Blueprint

025: Ryan Michler on How He Created a 30K Member Facebook Community and Financial Advisors Can Too

In this episode I talk with Ryan Michler, he’s a financial advisor just like you, but also happens to run...
Scott Harrison - Charity Water - The Elite Advisor Blueprint

024: Scott Harrison on Building charity: water From The Ground Up, Crafting Compelling Stories, and How Radical Generosity Leads to True Happiness

  In this episode I talk with Scott Harrison, he’s the founder and CEO of charity: water, a charity that...
Pete Matthew - Jacksons Wealth Management

023: Pete Matthew on Podcasting 101 for Financial Advisors, How his Show Generates Appointments, and 3 Secrets for Engaging Content

In this episode I talk with Pete Matthew, who is a Chartered Financial Planner, a Certified Financial Planner and Managing...
Kevin Lavelle - Elite Advisor Blueprint

022: Kevin Lavelle on Story Behind Mizzen+Main, How Ferriss Podcast Led to Insane Growth, & Ignoring Industry Standards

This week on the Elite Advisor Blueprint, Kevin Lavelle takes us through his incredible journey of building and scaling a...
David Bach Podcast

021: David Bach on the Story Behind His First Oprah Show, Proper Asset Allocation, and What He Learned From Taking a Year Off

This week on the Elite Advisor Blueprint, my good friend and world renowned financial expert, David Bach, is here to...
Ian Altman - Elite Advisor Blueprint

020: Ian Altman on Same Side Selling, What Sets His Financial Advisor Apart, and Hiring A+ Talent

This week on The Elite Advisor Blueprint, Ian Altman is here to talk about how to get to the truth...
Steve Sanduski - Peak Financial Advisor

019: Steve Sanduski on Why Robo Advisors Aren’t The Problem, the Birth of the Peak Advisor Alliance, and How Financial Advisors Can Build a Better Team

This week on Elite Advisor Blueprint, Steve Sanduski shares his journey as an elite financial advising coach and provides deep...
Ian Cron - Enneagram - Personality Types

018: Ian Cron on The 9 Personality Types and How Better Knowing Your Prospects Motivations Leads to Success

   This week on Elite Advisor Blueprint, Ian Cron is here to talk about the Enneagram, an ancient personality...

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