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A message from Brad

  • Do you get tired of “trial and error” marketing strategies and trying to figure out what to do next and how to do it?
  • Do you feel like there is never enough TIME in the day to get it all done and at the end of the day you’re sitting on a pile of yet to be implemented ideas?
  • Do you wish you could talk with a true financial advisor growth mentor to get all of your questions answered and diagnose what holes are in your approach – so YOU can get on a faster track to real results?

My ultimate passion is helping financial advisors just like you to grow a business that works for you as opposed to you being a slave to it. This doesn’t happen by accident and takes an approach that automates a marketing plan that maximizes ROI, focuses on a proprietarily named and trademarked appointment process and client deliverable, and operates your business like a CEO… not a salesperson.

No, this isn’t a “nice thought” or “sales pitch.” I know those things are possible because it’s the exact kind of business I coach my clients to run and will teach you how to run as well.

During this 1 on 1 conversation, I will dig deep with you and ask tough questions to find out what’s broken in your approach. We’ll cover my suggestions for the fixes, and together we’ll make a plan on what you need to do next to start to address these pain points in your business. This call is for serious applicants only.

To be brutally honest, this application process is designed so that not everyone qualifies. If I accept your application, you must be prepared to be open-minded to new ideas to grow your business and the potential to try new strategies you either haven’t tried before or may not even be familiar with yet.