010: Alan Moore of XY Planning Network Explains How Advisors Can Transition from Brick and Mortar to 100% Virtual Office

010: Alan Moore of XY Planning Network Explains How Advisors Can Transition from Brick and Mortar to 100% Virtual Office

On this edition of The Elite Advisor Blueprint Podcast, I am joined by our special guest, Alan Moore (@xyplanning), co-founder of the XY Planning Network and the host of #XYPNRadio. XY Planning Network is a platform for financial advisors that want to start and run their fee-only financial planning firm to serve X and Y generation clients largely ignored by traditional firms. XY Planning Network currently has over 250 advisory firms in their network.

Alan started his first practice in Wisconsin but quickly realized that traditional financial planning business was not for him. Following his heart and his passion for the outdoors, he leaped over to  Bozeman, MT, so he could hit the slopes over lunchtime, and was able to maintain the same client base and work with them virtually. Based on that experience, Alan proceeded to build a highly-successful virtual advisory practice and ultimately co-founded XY Planning Network with Michael Kitces.

I invited Alan to the show to share his inspiring story and break down the exact steps that advisors can take to transition their traditional financial planning firm to a virtual one that supports the life they want to live.  We also take a deep dive into the must-have tools for virtual advisors and discuss why it’s incredibly important to define your ideal life as a financial advisor.

Grab a pen and some paper, turn up the volume and get ready to take some notes. You definitely won’t want to miss this value-packed episode!

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  • What XY Planning Network is all about and how it came to be despite naysaying from his peers. [3:56]
  • How Alan was able to transition his traditional advisory firm to a virtual practice while maintaining his entire client base. [8:53]
  • How Alan developed his marketing strategy that brought him clients from across the US. [15:20]
  • How advisors can begin integrating virtual appointments into their business. [17:16 ]
  • The technology that Alan used for his virtual advisory business. [19:33]
  • The must-have tools for virtual advisors. [24:24]
  • How using those virtual tools can improve your customer acquisition rates. [31:09]
  • The importance of staying current with today’s technology and tools. [38:22]
  • Other must-have tools for virtual advisors.  [43:51]
  • Alan’s favorite book that helped him get to where he is today. [59:44]
  • Alan’s example of a successful advisor. [1:01:13]
  • Three questions Alan uses with clients to help them identify their ideal life. [1:03:32]



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