4 Ways to Turn Your Seminar Into a “Rock Star” Event

4 Ways to Turn Your Seminar Into a “Rock Star” Event

4 Ways to Turn Your Seminar Into a “Rock Star” Event

I was asked the other day on a coaching call, “Why do certain financial professionals continue to have success with seminars, while I’ve seen my results dwindle over the years?”

It was a great question that I followed up with a few of my own…

• When your prospect gets your invite in the mail, does it stand out from the five other invitations they’ve gotten that week?

• If you received your own invite in the mail, would your seminar be something you’d be excited to attend, or would you simply throw the invitation in the trash with the rest of the junk mail?

• If your prospects choose not to attend, will they get another invitation from you in a few weeks to the exact same seminar (essentially eliminating all urgency)?

Rather than look at your seminars through the eyes of a presenter, view your seminars from the perspective of the potential attendee

If I were to attend this seminar, what would I enjoy? What would get me interested, engaged, and excited? These observations can allow you to transform your run-of-the-mill seminars into the kind of “rock star” seminars people look forward to, with YOU as the featured guest!

The good news is, any financial professional can transform their seminar into a true “rock star” seminar by taking a few simple steps! In fact, done well, it’s possible you can get a bigger jump on the competition from hosting just a few “rock star” seminar a year. Philosophically, don’t try to be your market’s #1 financial services firm 365 days a year (this could get VERY EXPENSIVE!). Instead, focus on the evenings you are hosting seminars, and make sure your seminars are the must-see attractions for retirees in your market!

Here’s how to make it happen:

1. Upgrade the Experience by “Playing the Part” of a Professional Speaker
Rather than taking the traditional path, have some fun with it and make your seminars unique. Build a stage backdrop with pop up banners. You can incorporate great images that include your company tag line or motto, contact information, etc., for around $1,000. Also, invest in a high-end speaker/microphone system to make you look like a professional speaker.

Tony Robbins does it!
Tony Robbins

2. Treat Your Seminar like a Broadway Show
Include “real tickets” in the invite and require attendees have them to attend. After all, what concert or sporting seminar can you attend without a ticket? Also, offer free valet parking. There is nothing worse than struggling to find a place to park and/or having to walk a long way to an seminar. Seniors, especially, will appreciate this.

3. Keep it First Class
Use only high-end venues to host your seminar. Surveys show the best restaurant options are American Steakhouses followed by Italian. If a prospect gets a competitor’s invite for the same night, would they choose to go to Outback or Ruth’s Chris? You will also find your prospects dress nicer and are willing to come from further distances, and you’ll benefit by associating a high-end brand’s logo with yours on the invite.

4. Change Your Mindset
Just like you can’t make a movie without extras, you don’t want to host a seminar where half the room is empty! Not every person that attends your seminar is going to become a client, but keep a positive mindset and thank the people in attendance, even if they are just there for the free meal. Having a packed room makes you look “in demand” and helps create a high-energy atmosphere!

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