Don Yaeger

Don Yaeger (@DonYaeger) is a 9-Time New York Times Best-Selling author. Not only has Don coauthored books with Walter Payton, John Wooden, and Warrick Dunn, he spent over a decade as an associate editor at Sports Illustrated. He’s had the opportunity to rub elbows with legends from every sport imaginable.
For you sports fans out there, this is going to be your new favorite episode as Don and I cover:
  • Don’s time mentoring under legendary UCLA coach John Wooden (for those unfamiliar… he won a record 7 NCAA Basketball Championships… IN A ROW… still a record today). So many business and life lessons from Don’s time spent with Coach Wooden.
  • Unheard stories from Don’s one-on-one time with Michael Jordan (literally in this case), Walter Payton, and Mike Krzyzewski. I love how Don applies the lessons learned from these greats to your business and better leading your team.
  • Don shares all of his writing secrets… How he promotes his books, his writing process, how he leverages his network. A ton of incredible tips for advisors out there who have both written a book or have dreamed about becoming an author.
  • One last thing… don’t miss Don’s generous offer to share an actual outline he’s used to write one of his best selling books to get you would-be authors started. It’s available above!
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  • Coolest sports experience you’ve had in your life? [2:05]
  • What was it like being in John Wooden’s presence? [7:30]
  • What led you to go and see Wooden every other month for 12 years?[11:40]
  • Story behind John Wooden’s last book written while he was alive [16:55]
  • Path from Sports Illustrated to now [18:10]
  • Advice for those who want to become an author [20:00]
  • New book explanation [24:30]
  • Sense of purpose and Mike Krzyewski, head basketball coach at Duke University [27:00]
  • Lessons to help individuals guide and grow a team [36:00]
  • Team building exercises for financial advisors [40:00]
  • Common mistake for first time author [43:45]
  • Inspiration from Walter Peyton [47:30]
  • Promoting books [51:00]
  • Rapid fire questions [1:01:10]


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